10 Islands To Visit In The Grand line!

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Welcome back to the Cavern and thanks for stopping by! Today I have just a few islands I believe people should visit if they were to set sail across the grand line. Keep in mind there are plenty of islands we never got to see or even know the name of throughout the grand line. So in large part I will be focusing on islands visited by the strawhat crew.

So first on this list is just a little indulging of myself but of course an island with the tastiest food just ready to be eaten I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to go there.

The Boin Archipelago is an island just filled with any and all meats a man can desire. The one thing it doesn’t have though are your friends. I see why Usopp only visited this island and didn’t make it his permanent residence.

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Dressrosa is clearly one of the best places to visit, I mean ignoring the possibility that you may disappear and never to be remembered again… but of course the main character took away that danger so now this island of passion and beautiful scenery… right Doffy did kind of take all those good things with him. Well at the very least the people are still wonderful and would definitely bring visitors in with a warm welcome. Before and after Luffy visiting this island it is definitely on the list to visit!

Sabaody archipelago

Unlike with the last island Sabaody is currently still in tact. Yes even after admiral kizaru took out one of the larger than life mangroves.

An amusement park envy to the fishmen who live just below. All sorts of cool and interesting things are available to be done on this island and don’t worry we aren’t fishmen so the chances of being kidnapped and sold into slavery aren’t exactly too high.. but that’s what you get for a powerful World Government? I don’t know but I do know I definitely want to try some of their snacks.

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The Sky Islands

While there are apparently many sky islands throughout this world I am choosing the one we know of. Such interesting and different things to taste and try are available on the white sea. This vacation spot chosen by our Captain Luffy definitely is a spot I would suggest to all you grand line travelers.

Water 7

Home to the best shipwrights the world over. This country has a deep history, I’m not just saying that because enough of the island is deep under water. I say a deep history because the pirate king once received his ship from this glorious island but the future Pirate King was able to do the same. Like always Oda made sure to show some of the interesting a delicious foods available but he wasted no time showing how amazing the canal system is. No need for cars when you have your very own bull to pull you around town.

Fishman Island

Mentioned earlier in this article for the jealousy of the park on the Sabody Archipelago this island has many of its own unique and interesting reasons to join (mermaids!). The beautiful sight (mermaids!). Interesting food (mermaids!). A rich and deep history,,, of mermaids!!! Sorry uh I let to much Sanji out there… if you travel the grand line this island is definitely a destination you need to visit at least 1(000000) time(s)….

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Whole Cake Island

Mentioning food in all of these I almost forgot about The Whole Cake Island Archipelago. This group of islands without a doubt has the best food of any island you could possibly venture too. Big Mom may be a joke but she sure does know good food when she tastes it. It’s truly a wonderland where even the buildings are a treat.


Of course I mustn’t forget about the desert island of Alabasta. This isn’t to be confused with Alabaster the translation that came out when Crocodile was keeping the rain away but I mean after Crocodile was kicked out. Once crocodile left Vivi and the Suna Suna club did everything they could to ensure this beautiful island was returned to glory with beautiful Oasis spotted through out the dessert. Amazing wildlife, whether you want friends or food they have em. And as a man who enjoys his fair share of gambling I think Rain-base is my first destination when I get there.

What list of islands could be complete without the mention of an Island Luffy even wants to visit? None I tell you that’s why I needed to ensure space for lighting island.

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This island of course would be dangerous but you all see the dangers of going to wci. I don’t know if I have enough soul to give to pay the toll for an island like that but of course any man worth his weight would want to visit an island raining lighting… or am I wrong and poorly mislead by Luffy?

Either way be sure to let me know in the comments be sure to like this and share it if you can! Paradise sure sounds nice when our tour guide (Luffy) brings freedom to the islands he visits.

Remember a man’s dream never ends!!!

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