5 Pirates Who can Shut Down Barto’s Barrier!

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Bartolomeo’s Barrier is seemingly unbreakable! The previous user of the Paramecia was capable of blocking even the enraged Swordsmanship of Kozuki Oden! devil fruit powers are very diverse & there are Pirates capable of bypassing Barto’s defenses.

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1. Former Zombie General Perona

Perona is actually a favorite of mine & I never thought that she’d eventually end up on a list like this. Perona is a former Zombie Commander of the former Shichibukai, Gecko Moriah.

With the Power of her HollowHollow Fruit, she’d be able to send her ghosts right through Bartolomeo’s Barrier & when that happens he’d become completely helpless.

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2. Headliner & Worst Generation Captain, Scratchmen Apoo

Apoo is a Pirate who decided to become the Subordinate of an Emperor of The New World. He does not believe that he or any of his rivals, could ever be able to defeat the Yonko. He solidifies this by Betraying 3 of his Rivals which nearly resulted in their deaths.

Bartolomeo, without knowledge of Apoo’s deadly abilities would be defenseless to his sound based attacks. If you’re able to hear his “Fighting Music” his attacks are unavoidable.

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3. Worst Generation Captain Trafalgar D. Law

Law is acknowledged as being one of the most cunning Pirates in the New World! The former Schichibukai was raised & mentored by the Underworld Juggernaut Doflamingo & his Crime family for years.

Bartolomeo would not be able to casually hide behind his unbreakable shield when Law has techniques capable of teleporting the rookie captain from behind his barrier.

4. New World Emperor Commodore Teech

The Darkness Man himself will always have a place on a list when it comes to shutting down an ability users power. Blackbeard intends on conquering the World! he already has everything planned out & has been successful so far.

The Darkness will not be halted by Barto’s barrier & with Teech having Two Years to become accustomed with his devil fruit, his dominance over fruit users is solidified.

5. Strawhat Pirate Nico Robin

The Historian of The Strawhat Pirates, Nico Robin’s knowledge of reading Poneglyphs makes her one of the World Governments Worst Enemies! She even has information on the whereabouts of the Ancient Weapon, Pluton

Robin would make short work of Bartolomeo, due to her ability to sprout limbs anywhere of her choosing including onto her enemies. Barto could cross his fingers but that won’t keep him safe.


non Pirate honorable mention, Agent Blueno

Former CP9 agent Blueno is a Rokushiki Master! his power had went unchallenged as a active Agent until he Clashed with the Strawhat Pirates at Ennies Lobby.

Blueno has the ability to turn anything he touches into a door! with a power such as this, it’s quite possible that he’d be able to simply “OpenBartolomeo’s barrier & step right through.

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