'Amanchu!' Manga Ends Next Chapter

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The official Twitter of Mag Garden's MAGCOMI website revealed on Tuesday that Kozue Amano's Amanchu! manga will conclude in the next chapter on May 10.

Amano began publishing the slice of life scuba diving manga in Monthly Comic Blade in November 2008 and subsequently switched to MAGCOMI, the magazine's web version. Mag Garden published the 16th volume on February 27 (pictured), with the 17th and final volume slated to release on November 10.

J.C.Staff adapted the manga into two television anime seasons in Summer 2016 and Spring 2018. The seventh home video release included an original video anime in March 2017. Crunchyroll streamed both seasons with subtitles in North America.

Originally from a big city, Futaba Ooki spends most days cataloguing her life through pictures on her phone. Upon moving to a seaside town, she gazes out over the vast expanse of sea and quickly becomes captivated by its endless possibilities. Unbeknownst to Futaba, her quiet contemplation catches the attention of local diving enthusiast Hikari Kohinata. Finding herself in the same class as Futaba the next day, Hikari is drawn to her quiet and shy demeanor and affectionately nicknames her Teko, sparking a tender friendship.

Struggling to adapt to the change of pace in her life, Futaba finds herself strung along by Hikari's vast energy and passion for diving. Together, they join the school diving club, led by their homeroom teacher Mato Katori. With Hikari by her side, Futaba works to earn her diving certification while experiencing new friendships and possibilities. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Source: MAGCOMI Official Twitter

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