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Lutoh and Rekka's battle rages on. The Lutoh people are nervous about whether they can actually win the war, but Princess Fine calms their nerves. Meanwhile, the Lutoh army tries to lure the Rekka forces into a canyon to destroy them with the help of the Granedger. Kai and Back Arrow are both fighting in a weakened state due to their injuries, with Atlee putting Rekka's great warrior on the back foot using her electric whips.

However, Ren has only become more determined since her defeat. Through training and determination, she unlocks a new power: flight for her Briheight. She reunites with Kai and is disgusted with his lack of conviction. Ren helps Kai snap out of his funk and they combine to form a new more deadly Briheight. In this combined form they are stronger, faster, and able to fly. In moment they disable the Granedger and even as Back Arrow attempts to stop them his injuries flare up as the episode ends.

Another strong entry for this little surprise hit.

Back Arrow has stealthily been building up the supporting cast for the past few weeks and this one really shows it. Ren in particular has just a phenomenal episode, with her revenge motivation becoming a true burning passion. There's something deeply compelling about Ren doing whatever it takes to keep herself alive, including hanging onto a tree root with her bare teeth to keep from drowning in a whirlpool.

The mecha animation has only become more fluid as the show has gone on. The moments with Kai and Ren's combined form battling Arrow, deflecting lasers, then tossing Elsha into a canyon wall just hit like a ton of bricks. I'm extremely impressed at what CG mecha animation on a weekly production schedule can look like, and this series has me reconsidering my usual biases. The design work is impressive too, I really dig the way Ren's wings hover around Kai's back area without being obviously connected. It has an angelic halo kind of look that I find very effective in its simplicity.

I hope more people are looking into Back Arrow, because if not they're missing out.


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