Clash Of Legends! Kozuki Oden And Silvers Rayleigh

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The Royal Samurai, Kozuki Oden & The “Dark King” Silvers Rayleigh, were essentially the right hands of two of the most Powerful & Legendary Captains in the Old Era!

Rayleigh & Oden were both renowned Pirates of the Old Era. Both Men are among the select few in history to have been born with the Will of a King/Conqueror! Both Men would without a doubt have been capable of amassing fame without the assistance of Roger & Whitebeard.


Rayleigh was the First Mate of Gol D. Roger & because of this he had Conquered the New World alongside him. This accomplishment would also include the many inevitable Life Or Death battles that are required to sail the New World. The actions of both Roger & Rayleigh are the reason for this current Generation of Pirates.

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The Gods valley IncidentClashing with Garp & The MarinesThe Battle Of Edd WarClashing With Whitebeard

Those are only a few of the many battles/wars that Roger has been involved in & as you would figure, he was accompanied by his most trusted Nakama, The Dark King. The amount of victims who could’ve fallen to Rayleighs Blade in their Battles, surely numbers in the thousands.


Normally a Man with a Kings Disposition, Such as Silvers Rayleigh could never be the subordinate of another! yet Gol D. Roger was the only exception due to his even greater Will.

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It’s a very tall order to be compared to a Legend like Rayleigh, but Kozuki Oden is by no means any less underwhelming! This Royal Samurai was unquestionably the Greatest Warrior in Wano’s Recent History.

To those who haven’t met him, when they learn of his storied life they’d believe that they were listening to a Fairytale. This Samurai touched the hearts of nearly everyone around him & then with his exploits in his youth, they are likely considered to be Myths to the current younger generations.


Oden was a highly respected Warrior before he had ever left the Wano borders to accompany Edward Newgate in The New World. by the time this battle loving & adventurous Man made himself known to the World, he was already an Intimidating Presence.

With Oden at Edward Newgates Side, the Whitebeard Pirates frequently outshined the Roger Pirates in their exploits in the New World. Then after leaving Whitebeard, Oden was also Pivotal in Roger being able to find the One Piece.

Oden after his pirate Career, he was unable to retire peacefully & normally it’d be simple due to Wano being closed from the outside World. unfortunately he returned to a conquered country & in his attempt to right his wrongs by saving everyone & liberating his countrymen, Oden lost his life in the most Iconic way possible in Wano History.

Both are Users of all 3 Haki TypesBoth found the One Piece with RogerBoth were the right hands of Great CaptainsBoth are formidable SwordsmenThey clashed once as enemies/rivals

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