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So here we are at the big climax of the series. While it's not particularly deep, it's got a decent amount of action and, better still, is filled with cute-yet-meaningful little moments. Grimm once again feels the effect of her own curse magic and is taken out before the battle truly starts. Snow runs around in the background of the collapsing ruins, stealing everything that isn't nailed down. Rose tries to act like a grownup and step up to save her friends despite clearly being terrified on the inside. But really, this episode isn't about the team as a whole—it's about the two people we started with: Six and Alice.

Back in the first episode, Six and Alice are antagonistic towards each other. However, they soon come to realize that, while they are very different people, they both share the same goals and overall value system. This has turned into a deep mutual trust between each other—to the point that Six doesn't even question in this episode if Alice has left him to die while she and the others escape. In fact, he doesn't even need to know her plan before buying time for her to put it into action—even though the cost of the plan is being unable to return to Earth anytime soon. And, in the end, as Six awakens injured but victorious, it's Alice that's been by his side—literally emptying his bedpan while he's been recovering.

While some may say Six has a harem, it's more of an anti-harem in his eyes. All of his party members outside of Alice have some major personality-based deal-breaker for Six. Grimm is too clingy, Rose is just a kid, and Snow is too greedy for her own good. But for Alice, it's the opposite. Her personality is a perfect match for Six—it's the fact her android body looks like a child's that turns him off.

Honestly, given how close the pair have gotten—with Alice basically deciding to stay by Six's side till death do them part—I'm almost surprised she didn't give more consideration to the “adult-form” upgrade Six suggested. But then again, Alice is very much a character who loves herself as she is and would want any prospective lover (should she even desire such a thing) to feel the same way. Still, their partnership is rather heartwarming and it's good to see Six acknowledge to her how important their relationship is to him.

If there is one downside to the episode, it's the anticlimax that comes in the form of the big battle between Russell's ancient mecha and Alice's newly built Destroyer. It would have been a ton of fun to see the two giant robots duke it out. Just getting a chibi-fied version of the fight where Alice explains what happens in passing is a definite letdown.

All in all, Combatants Will Be Dispatched! has had its ups and downs as a series. However, it has remained consistently entertaining throughout. Its irreverent shock humor has been a lot of fun and some of the jokes—i.e., taking the villains hostage, kicking Russell in the dick, and giving the Prince a new “haircut”—had me laughing uncontrollably. I would love it if a second season were in the cards, but if not, at least I have a light novel series to add to my reading list.


Random Thoughts:

• I found the scene between Rose and Six particularly touching. While physically the strongest of the group, she is just a kid. Six realizing this and taking the responsibility for their survival off her shoulders is rather endearing. Moreover, it's a good reminder of why Six is likable: he will do anything to protect those close to him.

• I like that Six lost his fight with Russell due to an unlucky accident—the mecha's leg gave out and fell on him. It just shows that luck is always a factor that can shift the flow of battle in an instant.

• I can't help but notice that Six is the newest graduate of "The Prometheus School of Running Away from Things.”

• Nice to know that Black Lilith is more competent than the fool who made the Destroyer in KONOSUBA. Her version actually works—i.e., it doesn't trap the pilot inside to starve to death and then go around the world randomly blowing things up.

• You gotta feel for Heine, right? She's now the last of the demon generals as far as she knows (though Russell is only captured and Faustress is trapped on Earth).

• There was a nice little Easter Egg for novel readers there at the end with Viper standing outside Heine's room.

• I love that Belial is stronger than both a demon general and the hero combined—though considering that Six can kill one all on his own I guess that's not too surprising.

• I hope to see Astaroth come to the fantasy world at some point. Her interacting with Six's anti-harem should be hilarious.

• If Russell being sexually harassed by a pedophilic beastman was too much for you, as a manga reader I can tell you, this joke is not a one-off.

• Thanks for reading everyone. I know this kind of humor isn't for everyone but I had a blast laughing through it with you all.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! is currently streaming on Funimation.

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