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The first three episodes of Combatants Will Be Dispatched! functions to set up the status quo. Six, a high-ranking henchman from an Earth-based secret society bent on world domination, is sent to a fantasy world to scout it out for potential invasion. He is supported by an android, Alice, and they work to ingratiate themselves into the local human kingdom. Soon, the two are joined by a greedy knight (Snow), a chimera (Rose), and a priestess of the god of misfortune and undeath (Grimm). Together, they fight back against the demon armies invading the kingdom—though not in the way the kingdom or the demons expect.

But honestly, more than simply setting up all the pieces, the driving force behind these episodes is Six's characterization, in an attempt to get the audience to not hate him. Let's be clear here: Six is a villain. He's a serial sexual harasser who cares nothing for concepts like nobility and honor. When the people around him call him scum, they're not wrong. However, that is not to say he doesn't follow his own code.

Six has a strong sense of loyalty toward his companions. While he may not care about the nobles and everyday soldiers of the kingdom he has allied with, he certainly cares about those under his command—his rage over the death of Grimm makes this plain to see. Even after learning that Grimm can come back to life, he waits beside her body simply because he can't stand the idea of her waking up alone after something so traumatic. Likewise, when he sees how much of an outcast Rose is in this fantasy world—and how she is being exploited—he tries to get her to join his organization where humanoid monsters are nothing out of the ordinary. (Sure, she'll still be exploited but at least it will be by people who care for her wellbeing.)

In fact, his sense of loyalty is the reason he is even in the fantasy world in the first place. The higher-ups in the Kisaragi secret society needed someone they could trust with this mission, and the only people in the entire organization that fit the bill were the three top brasses themselves and Six.

The other thing we learn about Six is that his more evil qualities seem to be more a matter of nurture over nature. The evil points system literally trains you to do bad things. In Kisaragi, you're given a mission and are expected to complete it. However, to get the tools you need to get the job done, you have to spend your evil points. To acquire evil points, you've got to do something evil. So it's no surprise that Six's go-to is sexual harassment—given how it's clearly considered wrong yet tends to have no actual repercussions in either his homeworld or the fantasy world (or our real world far too much of the time).

When it all comes down to it, Six is a pragmatist at his core. He wants to get his missions done as quickly and easily as possible—with no losses on his side if he can help it. He cares nothing for honorable combat or tactics. Attacking a defenseless supply caravan? Good way to win a battle. Use your own army as a distraction while you sneak in to attack the enemy's leaders? Solid strategy. Using a hostage so your enemy doesn't fight back as you beat him into a coma? Super effective. (And also funny.)

In the end, if nothing else, these first three episodes give you a good taste of the true nature of the show. Combatants Will Be Dispatched! is first and foremost a shock comedy. Six does horrible things over and over again with little to nothing in the way of consequences. That we're able to laugh is only because it does not involve the real world or real people—no one is really getting hurt.

However, let's not kid ourselves. If this type of humor rubs you the wrong way, there's A) nothing wrong with that and B) nothing this series does is going to win you over. But if you enjoy the risqué humor and can't wait to see the underhanded ways Six gets both into and out of trouble, there's a lot here to love.

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Random Thoughts:

• You gotta love that Six is genre-savvy enough to realize the scantily-clad sexy demon woman is one of the strongest of the “big bads.” You also gotta love how flustered she is at someone bantering with her like she's clearly always wanted.

• I think Snow is my least favorite of the main characters. Her self-serving attitude just rubs me the wrong way,

• Rose's grandfather sure had a lot of last words to say.

• If they want Rose to be unkillable, shouldn't they have tried feeding her a cockroach instead of a grasshopper? Or wait... is this a Kamen Rider joke?

• Interestingly, Six probably used the evil points he got from looking up Grimm's skirt to buy her that high-tech wheelchair.

• I was oddly moved by Six and Grimm's night out where they enjoyed getting in the way of all the happy couples out on dates. Sure, they were doing something deplorable, but it was nice to see them finding some joy in each other's company in the process.

• I was surprised that no one in the party said anything about Grimm climbing the tower. I know Six knew that she was in a wheelchair because she can't wear shoes but I thought Alice, at the very least, would have made a comment.

• That said, I think the tower scene is my favorite bit in the story so far. The demons are just not prepared for someone eviler than they are.

Combatants Will Be Dispatched! is currently streaming on Funimation.

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