We’re on a rampage in the One Piece Facebook Community! The Goal was to become a recognizable name in the anime community & the hard-work has been paying off!

With Two of the Four Emperors in One Place, now’s the best time for these Young Captains Of The Worst Generation to solidify the start of A New Era by Conquering the Current Superpower of the Yonko.

It will be The Era Of The Worst Generation! There’s a New Balance of power beginning to take shape within the New World.The Fall of the Great Schichibukai has seemed to start this change into motionNo matter What happens in this War for Wano, it’ll go down as a Legendary Event for Future Generations of Pirates.

If they can take down these Two Emperors, The New World will then be open to Rule by Captain Kid, Strawhat Luffy, & Trafalgar Laws Generation

If Kaido & Big Mom fall in Wano, Red Hair Shanks would be the last Emperor left to oppose the Era of The Worst Generation. No More Schichibukai System & No more Yonko. (Blackbeard is apart of The Worst Generation)

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