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by Nicholas Dupree, Mar 22nd 2021

How would you rate episode 11 of

I told you all there would be a quiz.

3. - Why did you force this upon me?
5. Who is Akira's Closest Ally?
10. What do you shout while watching EX-ARM?
12. - Who is the Villain of EX-ARM?
14. - What does EX-ARM's Creation Disprove?
16. - Who is Responsible for this pain?
18. - What's the name of the super computer that wants to fuck Akira?
19. - Who is REALLY responsible for EX-ARM?
20. - What does the EX-ARM Broker have instead of a face?

1. - EX-ARM Declared war on all ____ In the World
2. - What is the most common rating for EX-ARM on Crunchyroll?
4. - What animation technique was used for EX-ARM's action sequences?
6. - What is Elmira's profession?
7. Who is the Hero of EX-ARM
8. - Who directed EX-ARM?
9. - What Number EX-ARM is Akira labeled as?
11. - How Can I Get Back At You For This?
13. - What enemies do our hereos fight in Episode 5?
15. - Where can you watch EX-ARM?
17. - What day does EX-ARM air on in the United States?

Now don't worry if you don't get every one – I've provided a handy answer sheet to help those of you falling behind. But make sure you're prepared because your final papers are due by 11:59 pm on March 28th. You better take it seriously, as it will count for 30% of your final grade.


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