Funimation Debuts Exclusive Akira Jacket

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posted on 2021-06-24 19:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

Limited-edition jackets inspired by Kaneda will be available on Funimation shop from July 13

The Funimation online shop will debut a premium leather jacket inspired by the Akira character Kaneda on July 13. Only 300 units will be available for purchase in North America, priced at US$450 each.

Photos of the jackets are shown below, featuring models Jayson and Kristine Wang and photography from Hillary Head:

The limited-edition jacket was designed by Carlo Levy (Managing Director of DYBEX S.A), Alessandro Trombetta (Designer), and Stefan Henzgen (MD of Van Doornum GmbH & Co.) Levy commented: "I have been a fan of Akira since 1989 when Epic Comics first released it, and imports arrived in Europe. I always dreamed of having a replica of the iconic jacket and was surprised it hadn't been created by anyone outside of Japan yet, so I did what any super fan would do... I went after the license and had our team design it!”

Sources: Press Release, Funimation Blog

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