Gatekeepers to Mediocrity: Notaku Podcast #6

4 months ago 51

Guardian Enzo and Setsuken are back solving (or at least calling out) the problems facing anime. This time we talk about a few non-anime things we’re watching, and a new feature to our news segment, and discuss whether “gatekeepers” exist in the anime fandom (and what role they play). Plus a manga recommendation, a little off-the-cuff-poetry, and a question about series we loved in spite of the visuals.

Please make sure and join us next week for our very special Fall Season Preview episode! If you have anything you’d like us to answer or discuss related to the fall season, please let us know.




Introduction 0:09
Kimchi 3:50
What We’re Watching 5:21
The Anime News 13:31
Topic of the Week (Are Mediocrity Pushers Anime’s New Gatekeepers?) 49:32
Manga Recommendation Corner (Flat by Aogiri Natsu) 1:29:11
Enzo’s Haiku Challenge (new) 1:34:57
Listener Questions 1:37:25
Sign-off 1:43:48

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