Gilbert Gottfried Recites the One Piece Rap

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posted on 2021-04-21 15:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

One of the many possibilities if you pay the comedian US$150 on Cameo

Comedian Gilbert Gottfried makes a killing on the video-sharing website Cameo. According to Entertainment Weekly, Gottfried has earned more than US$1 million since 2018 through the site, where he charges US$150 per request.

One of his recent videos is sure to bring a smile to anyone who watched the 4kids dub of the One Piece anime. Gottfried was requested to recite the lines of the opening rap theme, which he performed with his iconic grating voice. Twitter user Chef Lu Bu, who commissioned the Cameo, posted the video on their Twitter account:

For your consideration for the Oscar

— Chef Lu Bu. The South's most eligible uncle. (@ChefLuBu_ATL) April 21, 2021

The video link is publicly available through Gottfried's Cameo page. Gottfried can be commissioned to express birthday wishes, humorous quotes, and other messages through the site.

Chef Lu Bu tweeted that they previously commissioned Andy Kindler to complain about the Sword Art Online anime. The video is posted below for your amusement:

Blessed i still have this video i paid Andy Kindler to make clowning on SAO.

— Chef Lu Bu. The South's most eligible uncle. (@ChefLuBu_ATL) April 21, 2021

Source: Gilbert Gottfried's Cameo account via Chef Lu Bu

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