Horror Bara Visual Novel Let's MEAT Adam 2 Released on Itch.io

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Let’s MEAT Adam 2, the sequel to soulsoftea’s previous erotic bara thriller, is now available on Itch.io.

Previously, we covered Let’s MEAT Adam 2 when the demo launched back in November. The visual novel follows Adam (not the same Adam from the first game), a young man who is searching for his best friend, River, who left their town for Los Angeles to become an actor. Despite making a promise to keep in touch after they separated, River suddenly stopped calling or sending any messages.

After all hope seemed lost, Adam found a clue, leading him to one of the most elite gay AV film studios, “MAN-ticore Video.” Since nobody will help him look for River, Adam must start his own investigation and infiltrate the studio as an up-and-coming porn actor. How far is he willing to go to save his friend, and what will he find through all the depravity?

During the interactive, hidden object sections of Let’s MEAT Adam 2, you can search for clues and choose the most relevant ones to help you progress through the story. A new feature introduced in the sequel is the insight game system, where you collect insight and use it to get other characters to like you more and save yourself from life-threatening situations. The game features eight endings in total, with one of them being the “True Ending.”

"Inseparable friends, Adam and River, vow to stay in touch once River left to pursue an acting career in LA. When he suddenly goes missing, Adam leaves his small town life to find him.

His trail leads to the most elite gay adult film studio - “MAN-ticore Video” and its suspiciously tight-lipped Director. With no help in sight from police or River's family, naïve Adam opts to go undercover.

But once he's thrown in a cavalcade of monstrous depravity and death, what lengths will Adam go to save his friend? All this culminates to an escape room bloodbath that will drown California in the deepest, darkest red."

You can buy Let’s MEAT Adam 2 on Itch.io for $17.99 or more. There's also a demo available if you would like to try it out for yourself before buying.

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