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Sugar’s Hobi Hobi no mi is One of those Devil Fruits which fall under the Category of Overpowered Devil Fruits. The User of this Devil Fruit can turn Any Person into a Toy just by Touching them. And Everyone Completely Forgets about this person who just became a Toy. Their Existence will be Removed from this World. The Only way to undo this effect, is by knocking the Hobi Hobi User unconscious. The Fruit also freezes the User in time to Never Age. The User will remain in that Body untill they die and they won’t Age. These 2 Abilities is what makes the Hobi Hobi no mi, an Overpowered Devil Fruit.

So, Oda needs to Handle this Ability very carefully. Giving it to Sugar was a Very Good Idea in my opinion. Sugar ate the Hobi Hobi no mi when she was 10 Years Old. As stated above, the User won’t Age after eating this Devil Fruit. And thus, even now, Sugar remains in her 10 Year Old Body even though she is actually 22 Years Old. One of the Advantages of the Hobi Hobi no mi turned into a Disadvantage for Sugar. And since, she is like a 10 Year Old, her Physical Strength is Very Low Making it easier to Knock Her Out. And with this, Oda Perfectly Nerfed 2 Overpowered Abilities of the Hobi Hobi no mi.

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What if, Someone like Blackbeard ate this Devil Fruit ? Blackbeard is Currently 40 Years Old, and since the Hobi Hobi stops aging, Blackbeard would remain in his Prime untill he dies. Also, it won’t be easy to Knock Out a Yonko. The Only way to knock him out will be by defeating him. And that won’t be easy considering All Blackbeard needs to defeat his Opponent is a Single Touch with his Hobi Hobi Abilities. So, Oda will Find it Difficult to Handle such an Overpowered Ability, especially in the Hands of One of the Main Antagonists of the Series. And it will lead to Plot Armours because it’s Almost Impossible for Luffy to defeat a Yonko without the Yonko touching Luffy, not even once. So, In My Opinion, Oda nerfed this Overpowered Ability Very Well by giving it to Sugar.

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