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It was bound to happen eventually, but this week Hypnosis Mic turned down the fun in favor of spinning its wheels.

Throughout the show, there has been another trio of characters that I haven't written about because their involvement in the overall shenanigans was minimal. This week's episode puts the street photographer team front and center as Iris, Tom, and Rex are pulled into a plot to prevent the upcoming Division Battle by causing an explosion near the venue.

Before I get too far into the skim milk plot of the episode, I'd like to bring your attention to Tom. Tom is a photographer with an elaborate neck tattoo but what's really important is his full name. Tom Whisper Weathercock. Tom Whisper Weathercock. Tom is joined by "Iris Innocent Traiter", a lady who is definitely the first person voted out in Among Us, and Rex "T-Rex" Taromaro. I don't have a quip for T-Rex here as I would definitely insist on the same dinosaur-themed nickname if given the opportunity.

The photogs spend the first half of the episode essentially recapping what has happened so far. Eventually, Tom runs into Ichiro as he's chasing after a terrorist punk. They chat each other up and Tom finally asks what caused The Dirty Dawg group to split. Ichiro had a falling out with Samatoki over a situation within the group that involved The Party Words. Everyone seems to know it was a set-up but the damage was already done. We also learned early on in the episode that Ramuda helped orchestrate the split, because our bubblegum buddy is a mole for the government.

Anyway, water under the bridge since Ichiro and the photogs learn that there's a plot to blow-up the Division Battle venue. Initially they think the bomb is on a train but it turns out Saitama's "Electric Dynamonks" want to take out the power. The Buster Bros squarely defeat them in one of the most lackluster battle-rap sequences thus far. The song itself will get your toes tapping but there's barely anything resembling animation during the ordeal.

If it weren't for the small bits about the Dirty Dawgs and Ramuda, I'd consider this episode pure filler. Hopefully things get back to that Hypnosis brand of crazy next week with the start of the Division Battles.


Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima is currently streaming on Funimation.

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