Imouto Wa Mesu Orc (“My Little Sister Is An Orc”) volume 2 [English], by Muneshiro

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And she's got a mole. Most important.

So, do you remember the first Imouto Wa Mesu Orc volume? A guy got a new stepsister, she’s an orc (we’re in a wholesome version of the hentai world in which demi-humans coexist), however as all orcs she enters a mating frenzy once a month and it’s the stepbrother’s job to help her deal with it. No romantic feelings, just being a helpful friendly bro, better him than some random scumbag. Apologies I’m late in sharing it, here’s the sequel.

In this second volume, we discover (a) the stepsister  had an older sister, and (b) the elder sister was misinformed, fortunately (c) the older sister is able to recognize her mistakes and seize a “fulfilling” opportunity :twisted:

TL;DR: it’s plenty of sex with a babe wearing (in the beginning) hotpants, I wasn’t a complete fan of the drawings (I felt they were lacking somehow, compared to the previous volume, not gonna lie) but they were good enough to make it a fine read :)

We owe this one to Jumi, Lynx, Bilblael, Danky, NeVMiku and Nake, from RedLantern TL, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Kyonyuu Na Futago No Seikatsu Shidou, Megane Kyuuketsu-shu No Uwaki Gokko, Imouto Wa Mesu Orc vol. 1, Taiiku Kyoushi Wa Netori Jouzu, Uchi No Sarasa No Oppai Ga Kininatte Shuuchuu Dekinai and Majin-san Wa Commu Shitai.

And now, the download & gallery links :)

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If you need your memory refreshed, here is also the volume 1’s gallery.)

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