Japanese Company Offers Paid Leave for Employees Grieving Over Their Favorite Idol's Retirement

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posted on 2021-03-23 18:45 EDT by Kim Morrissy

At Hiroro, inc. you can take up to 10 days off if your favorite idol retires or gets married

Some companies are made by otaku, for otaku. The copywriting company Hiroro, inc. recently made waves on Twitter when its president Itaru Tsurumi declared that the company will offer paid leave for idol fans in grief when their favorite idol graduates (i.e. retires) or gets married.

社員の推しの卒業が決まってしまったため、弊社の勤務規定に慶弔休暇の項目が追加されました。 pic.twitter.com/s8owdfcSOn

— itaru9(株式会社ひろろ社長) (@itaru9Z) March 8, 2021

According to the post, Tsurumi added a clause to the company's policy on taking time off stating that employees can take leave under the following circumstances:

If your idol is holding a concert or live event, you may take the day off or leave early as long as it is arranged a week beforehand. Only in the case of a guerilla event or unannounced event are you allowed to leave work early on the day. You may take full paid leave for up to 10 days if your favorite idol graduates. You may take three days if it's your second-favorite idol or otherwise an idol who is not necessarily your number one. You may take full paid leave for up to 10 days if your favorite idol gets married. Depending on the amount of mental damage, it is possible to negotiate for extra days.

The company itself specializes in copywriting and coordinating events for the entertainment industry, often for idols. The company produced a photo book for the singer Kanna Murata.

Source: grape Japan via Japan Today

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