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#ronin Discussion/Theory’s
A Current Emperor Of The New World, General Kaido. Many times in his depressingly storied life, has been Captured, held as a lowly prisoner & was Tortured ruthlessly by his enemies in their attempts to Kill him.

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Authors Discussion/Theory?
After rereading (Chapter 795) there’s a bit of an implication that Kaido had Went through his ordeals with the Yonko & Navy before he had Began Ruling over Onigashima as an Emperor himself. He was merely an apprentice at the time of Xebecs Death! So it’s possible that he would’ve went on a rampage in mourning as a Rookie Pirate.
(After God’s Valley, It was over a Decade before Whitebeard met Oden in Wano)

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It’s implicated that his 1st attempt at Suicide was by Jumping off a Sky Island after surviving those Tortures & Executions. When he crashed onto “CaptainKids Hideout in the present time, it was a separate attempt.

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To put simply, his 1st Suicide attempt & his Defeats/captures were before Whitebeard had entered Wano & before Kaido had Allied with the Korozumi Clan.

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