Kurama Death – The Great Naruto Friend Kyuubi Death Has Shocked Everyone

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Boruto manga has seriously making news with every new chapter. The Chapter 55 of Boruto manga was about Kurama Death. This is really heartbreaking to hear that our favorite Nine Tails fox is going to die.

If you are reading this then I am sure you have already heard about the most tragic update about the Boruto: Naruto next generations Chapter 55 and it’s about Kurama’s death. Yes, it’s true, The Nine tail fox is going to die.

Kurama Death in Boruto Manga

The Naruto series is full of sentiments. You get so much involved in it that the loss of even a single character brings tears to your eyes. Whether it’s a human or a beast. Kurama was introduced to us all like a demon fox but with the passage of time we developed an affection for Kurama and it became the partner of our hero “Naruto”.

In the previous chapter of the Boruto Manga, Kurama told Naruto that if they used the “ Baryon Mode” it will cost them both their lives. However, There was no other chance they would’ve been dead anyway by the hands of Isshiki if they didn’t use Baryon mode at that time. But now, It appears that Kurama lied to Naruto about the side effects of the Baryon Mode which is that only Kurama is going to die. Kurama was a major source of chakra for Naruto but after using the Baryon Mode the chakra is completely removed from existence that means only one thing and that is the death of Kurama.

when you thought 2021 will be a good year, and then news after news about characters death keep coming. I'm so over it!! Kurama is dead ??? GOD JUST KILL THE ENTIRE ANIME ALREADY UGH. Killing Kurama is basically killing Naruto ?????????? pic.twitter.com/xVaJKukEp5

— Ferrenloe (@ferrenloe) February 19, 2021

This news shocked every Naruto fan! From the start of the Boruto series, everyone knew someone is going to die i.e Naruto, Sasuke, Hinata. But no one ever thought that the one who is going to die will be Kurama. As soon as the spoiler was released fans took over Twitter with a storm and Kurama is now trending on Twitter. I guess we have to say Goodbye to the Nine tail fox. The journey of Naruto and Kurama finally comes to an end leaving us all in tears. Kurama Death still seems unreal and fans cannot accept this at all.

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