Love Live! Sunshine!! Releases Wacky Music Video for Ruby Kurosawa's 1st Solo Album

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posted on 2020-09-24 02:00 EDT by Kim Morrissy

Onkun Suko produces video with art style reminiscent of Pop Team Epic

The Love Live! official YouTube channel has released a special music video for the Love Live! Sunshine!! song "Cotton Candy Ei-Ei-Oh!", which was released on Monday. The video, which is created by artist Onkun Suko, features a quirky visual style reminiscent of some of the crazier segments of the Pop Team Epic anime. The visuals are unafraid to portray Ruby in not-so-cutesy ways in sheer contrast to her normal image in the anime and promotional materials.

The song "Cotton Candy Ei-Ei-Oh!" is bundled with Ruby Kurosawa's first solo album "Red Gem Wink." The video is exclusive to YouTube and is not included with the album. Ruby Kurosawa's character and singing voice is performed by Ai Furihata.

You can get a closer look at Onkun Suko's art on their Instagram account and their online store.

The Love Live! Sunshine!! project was first announced in February 2015. The project's three key phrases are "Reader Participation," "Inspired by μ's," and "Seaside Town Setting." Fans chose the group's name Aqours by popular vote. The first Love Live! Sunshine!! television anime premiered in July 2016. The second season ran from October to December 2017. The Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow opened on January 4, 2019.

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