These sites are only available in USA region. VPNs won’t work though, proxy gets detected… But using an IP is better. Work 3/4 hours, you’ll earn like 300$ every month.

Well, first of all you need to buy a US Proxy IP address and port. It will cost around $30. Then you need a pc or a phone (atleast 2gb ram). You need to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox (If you are using a phone, Download Firefox nightly). After that, you have to set your proxy in firefox.

In pc, click Advanced. Click the Network tab and then click the Settings… button. In the Connection Settings window, select the Manual Proxy Configuration option. Finally, enter the host name or IP address in the HTTP Proxy (or FTP Proxy) field, and enter the Port.

How to add proxy in Firefox pc

To set a proxy server in Firefox Android (http ip): Type “about:config” in the address bar and press return. Type “proxy. http” into the search box on the about:config page. Tap on “network. proxy. http” and type the server name into the text box. Tap on “network. proxy. http_port” and type the port number into the number box.

How to configure socks5 proxy on Android / iOS devices ? Open Firefox on your mobile device. Type “about:config” in the address bar and search for the following parameters: – network.proxy.socks. Enter IP-address of your socks5 proxy server.

How to Configure the SOCKS5 Proxy in Firefox pc? To download FoxyProxy, navigate to the FireFox Add-ons page, search for the FoxyProxy add-on in the search box and then click on the Add to Firefox button. Download the FoxyProxy Standard add-on. Click the Add button in the prompt to add the FoxyProxy Standard add-on to your browser.

Http and shocks5 are different IPs…Shocks5 will cost a dollar or two extra but it has more traffic and surveys in it.