Maoujou de Oyasumi #3

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Maoujou de Oyasumi


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Maoujou de Oyasumi

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Sshhh! Princess Syalis is trying to get a good night's sleep. Some shut-eye. Forty winks. Catch some Z's. Long ago in olden times when people and demons lived together in—well, disharmony, really—a demon king kidnaps a human princess and imprisons her in his castle. Bereft, the princess's subjects beat their chests in anguish…until a hero arises to spearhead Project Rescue Our Princess! While waiting for her knight in shining armor, what's an imprisoned princess to do...? Teddy-bear guards with bat wings are all very well, but her dungeon cell is bo-o-o-ring! So, she decides to wile away the long hours by sleeping. Now if only she could get comfortable…and didn't suffer from insomnia...

[Source: VIZ]

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