Nikkei xTrend: [email protected] Franchise Totals Estimated 60 Billion Yen in Revenue

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posted on 2020-09-19 09:00 EDT by Alex Mateo

Series originated with arcade game in 2005

Japanese financial marketing website Nikkei xTrend reported on Thursday that the overall The [email protected] franchise has totaled an estimated 60 billion yen (about US$570 million) in revenue as of the end of the 2019 fiscal year.

The series first originated with an arcade game in 2005. The franchise has spawned multiple anime, video games, manga, radio shows, a live-action adaptation, and spinoff franchises. In the original Xbox 360 game, the player manages the careers of 10 aspiring Japanese idol singers as a producer.

Namco Bandai Games released The [email protected] Million Live! smartphone and browser game game in 2013 as a spinoff of the main The [email protected] game series. The game features the 765 Pro characters of the original series, as well as 37 new characters. The game allows players to manage their own idol production company, and raise their idols' skills. The game then ended service in March 2018. The game is inspiring a television anime adaptation.

Source: Nikkei xTrend (平野亜矢) via Yaraon!

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