Odd Taxi Anime Streams 1st 3 Minutes From Debut Episode

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posted on 2021-04-02 10:58 EDT by Egan Loo

Natsuki Hanae stars in surreal city life story premiering on Monday

The official website for the original anime Odd Taxi posted the first three minutes from the first anime episode on Friday.

The story follows Kotogawa, an eccentric, reticent 41-year-old taxi driver who has no relatives and does not have much to do with others. He does have conversations with his customers, including a college student who wants to go viral, a nurse hiding a secret, unsuccessful comedians, a street rough, and up-and-coming idols. These conversations lead him to a girl who has disappeared.

The cast includes (Note: Romanization spellings not confirmed):

Natsuki Hanae as Kotogawa Riho Iida as Shirakawa Ryohei Kimura as Gо̄riki Kappei Yamaguchi as Shika Suzuko Mimori as Louis Nikaidо̄ Moeka Koizumi as Shiho Ichimura Manatsu Murakami as Yuki Mitsuya Kо̄hei (Miki comedy duo) as older Daimon brother Asei (Miki comedy duo) as younger Daimon brother Yūsuke (Diane comedy duo) as Shigaki (Homosapiens) Atsuhiro Tsuda (Diane comedy duo) as Baba (Homosapiens) Takashi (Trendy Angel comedy duo) as Kabazawa Tomoko Murakami (Morisanchu comedy trio) as Taeko Keisuke Takai (Girly Records comedy duo) as Fukumoto (Bannо̄ Illumination) Phoenix (Girly Records comedy duo) as Kondo (Bannо̄ Illumination) Kenji Hamada as Dob Kōdai Sakai as Imai Sōma Saitō as Tanaka Makoto Furukawa as Yamamoto Chado Horii as Sekiguchi Takaya Kuroda as Kuroda Amane Shiomiya as Kano Chika Kagura as Reina METEOR as Yano ??? as Satoshi Nagashima

Manga creator Kadzuya Konomoto (Seto Utsumi) is writing the anime. Baku Kinoshita is directing the anime with Norio Nitta as the assistant director. Kinoshita and Hiromi Nakayama are designing the characters. Kenji Kato is the art director, and Tatsue Ōzaki is the color key artist. Miyabi Amada is the compositing director of photography, and Yoshiki Ushiroda is credited for editing. Kohei Yoshida is the recording director at Pony Canyon Enterprise. PUNPEE VaVa OMSB is in charge of the music, and Pony Canyon is in charge of music production with collaboration by Summit, Inc. P.I.C.S. and OLM are producing the anime. P.I.C.S. is also credited for the original work and planning. Skirt (singer-songwriter Wataru Sawabe's solo project) and rapper/DJ PUNPEE are performing the show's opening theme song "Odd Taxi." PUNPEE is also contributing to the anime's soundtrack.

The opening theme song "Odd Taxi" is a collaboration between Skirt (singer-songwriter Wataru Sawabe's solo project) and rapper/DJ PUNPEE. (PUNPEE is also contributing to the anime's soundtrack.) Suzuko Mimori performs the ending theme song "Sugarless Kiss"

The anime will premiere on April 5 at 2:00 a.m. JST (effectively, April 6). Crunchyroll will stream the anime in the West.

Takeichi Abaraya and Konomoto launched a manga adaptation of the anime on January 15 on Shogakukan's digital manga label Superior Dalpana.

Source; Odd Taxi's website via Ota-Suke

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