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Oden continues to parade himself around Wano to appease Orochi. It is difficult, but the rare moments of peace he gets. He spends time with Hyogoro and the yakuza who still respect him. He spends time with his retainers who still admire him. He spends time with his family who still loves him. In all, the embarrassment is outweighed by the love of those close to him and the knowledge that he is keeping the people of Wano safe. But one day, Orochi visits the Kuri village and tells Oden he will transform it into yet another weapons factory and turn the populace into slaves. Furthermore, Hyogoro has been taken captive and his wife and retainers brutally gunned down.

Incensed, Oden cannot bear it any more. If what he is doing is not protecting anyone, he would rather risk it all and fight. Assembling the Akazaya Nine, he goes to attack Kaido and Orochi. As they approach they see that Kaido has assembled a vast army using foreknowledge of their attempt. Kaido reveals that their arrangement was always a lie to keep Oden from challenging them until they could build up this strength. Oden and his retainers press on anyway and a monumental battle for the fate of Wano commences.

You should be watching One Piece.

It is full of drama and pathos, a tale of legends being made and hearts being broken. Of what it means to be family and the cost of protecting others.

You should be watching One Piece.

It is artfully directed. Every moment, from Kuri village transforming to a green hellscape as Orochi speaks to the yakuza flashing to white still frame silhouettes as they are gunned down protecting their lord. From

You should be watching One Piece.

The ramping up of tension is pitch perfect. The glowing red flames on sword sheaths. The blood red sun framing the Akazaya Nine. The slow descent of the moon matching Toki's eyes as the warriors travel. The army of red-eyed soldiers lorded over by Kaido as his menacing claws emerged from the shrouding mist.

You should be watching One Piece.

The battles are world-shaking. Oden becoming a living bolt of lightning as he streaks through the beast pirates. Every sword blow shattering the opposing soldiers into a cloud of night-covered cherry blossoms.

You should be watching One Piece.

This is a legendary series brought to vivid life by one of the best studios in the business. Do not skip it.


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