Osjey Games' Eroge My Darling in the 90s Released on Itch.io

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Delve into a time traveling story with two different styles — modern and retro — in My Darling in the 90s, now available on Itch.io.

My Darling in the 90s is a visual novel that follows a young man graduating high school. Before leaving school behind for the life ahead of him, he wants to confess to his crush Rei. Unfortunately, she quickly rejects him in front of everyone, destroying his dreams and humiliating him in the process.

Eventually, his moment of embarrassment transforms into motivation. He spent some years in isolation to change his ordinary smartphone into a time traveling device. With this creation, he plans to undo his confession to Rei, so that it never happened. While using the device, he accidentally sends himself all the way back to the 90s. There, he meets a girl. Could this girl from decades ago be his true love? Can he change the future of his love life?

My Darling in the 90s has multiple choices to make and seven endings to get. The game has two different art styles. There’s a modern style that is animated in Live2D animations and a retro pixel style. The styles not only affect the appearance of the characters and backgrounds, but the music and user interface. This provides players with a different experience depending when in time they are.

The game features many player choices and multiple endings. As for the visual part of the game, it contains two art styles for the characters. A modern style with Live2d animations and a retro pixel style. On top of that, not only the characters change, but the game itself as well. The user interface and backgrounds warp into a pixelated style, even the music turns retro. Everything together makes for a diverse gameplay experience.

- Live2d and Pixel-Animation

- Influence the future by changing the past

- Discover all 7 endings

- Unlock over 30 unique images

My Darling in the 90s is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can buy the game for $10.00 on Itch.io.

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