Point and Click Fantasy Game Furry Heroes Released on Steam

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Release heroes that were cursed and trapped inside a cave for countless years in Male Doll’s Furry Heroes, a visual novel now available on Steam.

Furry Heroes is a short hybrid between a visual novel and different minigames and is planned to be a unique saga for Male Doll’s furry fans. It gives a small peek at what to expect for future games from the developer, as well as possible DLC.

According to legend, the “Furry Heroes,” a group of heroes who were said to come from different time periods, were trapped in a secret cave by an old curse. Nobody knows how legitimate the legend is, since no one has ever met the heroes. After many years, Aldebarick, the King of Ravinstara, decided to offer a huge reward to whoever could solve the mystery of the legend. Kalik, a powerful moose mentor will guide you on your journey to free the heroes from the curse. Moreover, you’ll also need to thoroughly inspect their bodies to make sure the curse is gone for good.

Furry Heroes features three different types of gameplay, most of them consisting of puzzle-like minigames. One game will have you unscramble an image, one piece at a time — when you click two pieces, they will switch places. Continue this process until the picture is complete. The second game requires a steady hand, as you use your mouse to trace the line provided before the time runs out. Lastly, the final game will have you follow a pattern of symbols that you'll need to keep up with.


- 3 types of gameplay;

- Dialogue System;

- A short narrative mixed with mini-games;

You can buy Furry Heroes on Steam for the discounted price of $2.69. After October 23rd, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $2.99.

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