POLYSICS and Seiya Yamasaki Warp to the Dreadful World of Cells at Work! Code Black in New MV

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posted on 2021-03-15 16:45 EDT by Choo Sum Lee

The poor, overworked cells of Cells at Work! Code Black are in desperate need of respite and rejuvenation, but since taking a break is not an option for them, the rock band POLYSICS and Kyūso Nekokami band vocalist Seiya Yamasaki are bringing the music to them instead. The new music video for "Hashire! with Yamasaki Seiya (Kyūso Nekokami)", the theme song POLYSICS specifically created for the Cells at Work! Code Black anime, sees the band and Yamasaki performing the song within the scenes and environments of Cells at Work! Code Black.

The video was shot using Sony's next-generation video system "Warp Square", which involves projecting images on three walls and the bottom of a special room to spatially recreate locations from the anime such as "lymphatic vessels," "liver," "kidneys," and "blood vessels". POLYSICS founder and lead singer Hiroyuki Hayashi commented on the production of the video, "Performing in the 'blood vessels', 'liver', 'kidneys', etc. depicted in the anime was like entering the world of Cells at Work! Code Black, and I was really excited!"

The Cells at Work! Code Black anime premiered on January 9. It has a separate staff and cast from the second season of the main Cells at Work!! anime, and airs right after the latter for the "Cells at Work!! Hour." Funimation and Crunchyroll are streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.

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