Puzzle Game Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope Edition Now Available on Steam

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Keep your brain active and your libido sated in Team Tailnut’s Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope Edition, a puzzle game now available on Steam.

Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope Edition is a puzzle game with a comedic tone developed by Team Tailnut. The player controls a young man stuck in his house due to a quarantine, with the goal being to figure out the password to the man's PC by analyzing and interacting with objects scattered around their small apartment. Doing so successfully will unlock an erotic picture, and grant the player access to the next puzzle.

Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope Edition expands on some features of the original Lockdown Lewd UP! and contains twelve different episodes of puzzles, including the original seven episodes released as part of the free browser version of Lockdown Lewd UP!.

Psst, do you know how to beat cabin fever with two simple, secret methods?

1. Keep your brain occupied

2. Masturbate like crazy!

Lockdown Lewd UP! is a puzzle game about keeping sane during a period of insanity!

Do you have what it takes to keep from losing your marbles?

• FUNKY, SEXY, LEWD FUN- You like the girls, the girls like you. Win-win!

• SOLVE BRAIN-BENDING PUZZLES- 12 episodes full of puzzles, some sexy!

• CHUCKLE SENSIBLY- Lockdowns CAN be fun, you know.

• SURVIVE THE LOCKDOWN- Clever guys like you are the heroes we need!

You can purchase Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope Edition on Steam for the promotional price of $8.99 until the 2nd of October, at which point the game will cost $9.99.

The first seven episodes of the game are available for free on Team Tailnut’s itch.io page; however, there may be differences between them and the versions found in Lockdown Lewd UP! ❤️ New Hope Edition.

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