RPG Huge Breast Princess-Knight Anne Now Available on DLsite

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Help a busty princess save her sister in Studio Cute’s RPG, Huge Breast Princess-Knight Anne, now available on DLsite.

Huge Breast Princess-Knight Anne follows princess Anne Licolle, who always dreamt of becoming a knight, finally achieving her goal with her father’s support; however, due to her high rank in the military and her status as a princess, she has been kept away from danger and instead occupied by endless stacks of paperwork. One day, her little sister Lia bursts into her office, screaming that their third sister, Lua, has been kidnapped. With no time to waste, Anne grabs her weapon and rushes to the rescue.

Throughout the game, you will control Anne in her pursuit of the wizard who kidnapped her sister. Between story events, you will be tasked with exploring dangerous locations populated by monsters, while seeking helpful treasure, clues, and ways to progress. Combat in the game is turn-based, with Anne having access to magic and TP, the latter of which is accrued by dealing damage, and spent on special abilities.

Erotic content in Huge Breast Princess-Knight Anne is tied directly to the game’s story. In many scenarios, Anne will be violated by her enemies, including monsters, while in other cases, she may be coerced to use her body as a bargaining chip.

* Summary

Anne Licolle was a princess of Licolle Castle, but longed to be a knight.

Due to the king's support, she was able to become a knight.

However, all the work that had been pressed upon her were all deskwork.

One day, while Anne was putting signs on papers as usual,

Her sister, Lua had come to Anne, all beaten up with injuries.

As Anne listens in...

Lua tells her how her twin sister, Lia, has been kidnapped by a mysterious spellcaster.

Anne heads to the graveyard where Lua had said she had fought the spellcaster at.

* Sex Scenes

Anne has huge breasts that don't suite a knight.

Huge breasts are nothing but a bother for knights.

Be it walking, running or swinging one's sword, they get in the way.

On top of that, those huge breasts become a sex-induced target for both monsters and men.

Behold huge breasts you will never have the chance to see in real life, and the incredible sex scenes.

All of them are a must-see.

Please enjoy this erotic story of the huge breasted princess-knight.

You can purchase Huge Breast Princess-Knight Anne on DLsite for the promotional price of $10.78 (estimated from ¥1,144) until the 6th of October, at which point the game will cost $13.47 (estimated from ¥1,430). Additionally, a demo of the game is also available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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