Side-Scrolling Adventure Game Insexsity Released on Steam

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A girl lives out her dream of owning an apartment, and she’ll do anything to keep that dream alive in Insexsity, now available on Steam.

Developed by Insexsity_team, Insexsity is a side-scrolling adventure game where you play as Kate, a twenty-six-year-old who just moved out of her parents’ house. She's always dreamed of owning an apartment and now she is finally making that dream come true. Kate is renting one in the city while working at a massage parlor, but sometimes that isn’t enough to make ends meet. She’ll meet new people, have new experiences, and end up doing things she never imagined just to keep her apartment. Kate's newly independent life is starting to awaken something within her.

Navigate Kate through the world by helping her find work and creating relationships. She’ll need to make money to pay her rent and there’s more than one way to earn cash. If Kate is lewd enough, she can prostitute herself. Depending on the friends Kate makes, they can form her into a more lewd person — and as she becomes more lewd, she will be open to doing even more erotic acts.

Kate will go about her daily life during the game. She’ll wake up each day, take a shower, dress up, go to work, etc. You have control over how she spends her days. Choose her clothes and hairstyle. Build up her strength and speed by going to the gym. Fill up Kate’s hunger by going to the market for food or going out to eat. Perform well at the massage parlor to earn money. Depending on her location or situation, Kate may find herself in some rather dangerous predicaments.

A game of a girl Kate, who dreams of her own apartment.

Kate is working in a massage parlor and new day is coming, it's time to rush to work. Renting an apartment, she has her own responsibilities, but this does not stop her from going to a club, to the gym, or going to the store and buying new clothes, or she can drop in a movie or maybe a library. She is free to go.

Meeting new people on the way, one day she will go to where she had never been and could not even think about. But THIS was always with her, waiting for her awakening.

The game contains scenes of crime, violence and sex.

Insexsity is available for purchase on Steam for $9.99.

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