Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Volume 14 Review

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Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle Volume 14 featuring Princess Aurora Syalis Goodereste & Queen Aurora Nemlis Goodereste

There have been plenty of simple but bizarre items that Princess Syalis has found while being held “hostage” at the demon castle. And while this latest incident still stems from her wanting better sleep, she manages to find one of the most dangerous items yet: a dimension maker (shaped like a small shovel)! With the ability to simply open up a dimension at her leisure, what manner of sabotage can she start in order to get her beauty sleep? Well, she ends up getting herself trapped in a wall, much to the fun of the demons, but they soon realize — after pulling her out — a brand new space has been created.

One involving gambling, roulette, and very adorable teddy demons shaking other teddy demons out of their (insert form of chips, one of them was popcorn).

In Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle volume 14, the volume starts with Bussy attempting to quit being Syalis’ body double (a figure-four leg lock gets involved at one point), Slimes and a Seven Seas published manga forming a brand new title (How Heavy are the Slimes You Lift?), Syalis making everyone in the castle think it’s their fault she’s sick when in fact it was her own darn fault (do not even think about drinking diluted poison! Or any poison, period), and the return of a sand dragon but in human form. But the casino parts were a riot. Despite her meager attempt to try and legalize the casino, the Demon King Twilight shuts it down. Yet after seeing how their spirits were lifted at the sight of the teddy demons, Twilight and his top aides talk about the benefits of having a legal casino in the Castle.

Which then leads to the opening of an official one. The problem is that it’s right next to Syalis’ cell…and she can’t sleep. But yelling at them to stop is not a thing she does! So she does the next best thing — become one of the dealers. Considering she’s never gambled before, you can guess her becoming a dealer ends up with far more demons actually winning, and winning big! (Goodbye casino, it was nice knowing you…) But after she gets a talking to about proper gambling, she ends up finding a way to sleep well anyways, so in a way, she still got what she wanted.

While as usual most of the action happens at the castle, we do get to follow another demon around as the holidays begin, which means a number of demons go home. One of them is Quilladillo, who ends up discovering a stowaway in his suitcase. Said stowaway (good old Princess Syalis!) ends up finding a way to cause havoc and untold destruction on his parents and brothers and sisters. It’s always the moments where she ends up causing a lot of terror, but it ends with her finding a way to sleep comfortably…though she ends up roping Quilladillo’s entire family into the sleep routine too.

So yes, that’s just about what this volume is all about, though it’s funny that the other prominent character on the volume cover is towards the end — Syalis’ mother! No other work would make the following make sense:

Use a super powerful spell to transport yourself to the demon castle.Be able to do that because all Ten Guardians love camping instead of preparing themselves to deal with this issue.Say that you did this after fighting with your husband over pudding. Ok, maybe there is pudding worth fighting ove–

But it works here! Now there is an ulterior motive behind this (and it may speak to the overall 10% of where the humans and demons stand in this world), but the chapters basically explain why Syalis is exactly like she is, and also teacher-parent conferences are terrifying. Oh, and Queen Nemlis facing off against the combo of teddy demon AND eggplant seal is a hard match even for her. So in short, the Queen and Princess in this series are too powerful which is why them focused on singular pursuits is why everything will stay the same. That’s probably for the best.

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