Slice of Life Visual Novel Kirakira Stars Idol Project Reika Now Available on Steam

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New idols join the ODA group in Sushi_soft’s visual novel, Kirakira stars idol project Reika, a new entry in the kirakira stars idol project series, now available on Steam.

Kirakira stars idol project Reika is a new entry in the Kirakira stars idol project visual novel series, which follows the staff of the idol company ODA. The protagonist of the series is a young man named Nobuyuki, who’s been a lifetime fan of idols and decided to become a manager. After struggling to establish his career, he finally had his first success with the help of his childhood friend Ai, who became his first personal idol.

In Kirakira stars idol project Reika, Nobuyuki and Ai return to their main office after the events of the previous installment. Inside, they find a new idol cadet waiting for them: the brash and cheerful Aine Omiya. Aine has joined the company and has been assigned to practice together with Ai and another returning idol, Reika Aiba, who’s supposed to join them soon. Suddenly, rather than just working with Noboyuki, Ai is being accompanied by a new junior and an upperclassman she hasn't met before.

The visual novel contains a linear story about the idol’s hard work, animated character sprites using the E-mote engine, and three sexually explicit extra stories featuring Reika, which become available after reading through the visual novel’s main story.

Reika Aiba (愛葉 礼華)

CV: Rio Minami(美波りお)

Height: 162cm

Weight: 54.5kg

BWH measurements: 96/64/97

She is the senior idol in ODA.

She had to take a break from her idol activities for some reason, but Miwako asked her to start her career again.

She looks innocent and calm on the outside, but in reality, she is a mischievous, mischievous and mischievous older sister.

She is also a cuddler, so she has a tendency to touch girls with her body.

Even though she has taken a break, she is still a strong idol.

Aine Omiya (近江谷 愛音)

CV: Iroha Mizuse(彩葉)

Height: 155cm

Weight: 44.3kg

BWH measurements: 81/59/82

She is an idol candidate who applied to ODA and is Ai's first junior in school.

She was attracted to the idols who used to be members of ODA and got into ODA.

She is misunderstood for her flamboyant appearance and her sharp-tongued attitude toward everyone, but that doesn't mean she is a "gal.

In her own words, "That's just how college girls are nowadays.

Because of her personality, she was able to open up to Ai and her friends when she first met them.

She's more like a friend to Nobuyuki than an idol to the producer.

Ai Amane (天音 愛)

CV: Yoshino Mizuse(水瀬よしの)

Height: 158cm

Weight: 49.5kg

BWH measurements: 87/60/86

Ai and Nobu were friends when they were kids, but they lost touch after her family moved away.

She came to Tokyo for college, and offered a helping hand (and her apartment) to her old friend in his time of need.

A young woman who treats everyone she meets with equal kindness, she practically exudes an aura of purity. Sometimes it's hard to tell if she's really just that nice, or maybe a little niave.

Smart and athletic, she may seem perfect at first, but she can be surprisingly stubborn at times.

She also has a more laid-back, casual side that she only shows in private, and to those she truly trusts.

Ai's kind heart can sometimes get her in trouble. She has a habit of throwing her all into helping people, treating their problems as her own, while forgetting to take care of herself.

You can purchase Kirakira stars idol project Reika on Steam for the promotional price of $9.74 until the fifth of November, at which point the visual novel will cost $12.99. Additionally, a demo of Kirakira stars idol project Reika is available on the store page.

Adult content for Kirakira stars idol project Reika has to be installed separately from the main game. It is available in the form of a patch on Sushi_soft’s website.

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