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After the events of the final episode -and really, all of the first season- there's something satisfying about seeing Kumoko's first steps out into the world, treacherous as they are.

She's been working so hard to finally escape those dangerous underground caves, and now… she's free. Well, she's free but also trapped within yet another literal wall standing between her actual freedom, as well as her properly starting a brand new journey. Thankfully, she escapes without a scratch, though that can't be said of the soldiers fighting outside the caves.

Most of this episode is spent with Kumoko frolicking about, breathing in all that fresh, above ground air as she meanders around the realm, and even considers going to a town for a snack, as a spider girl does. Of course, she quickly reconsiders this, largely because humans probably won't jive with a spider monster waltzing in for a treat.

However, her desire for food is quickly forgotten when she discovers that she has a new skill that will grant her a partially human form. Naturally, Kumoko is all about looking a bit more human, and attempts a transform… only to get interrupted by her gnawing hunger.

Hardcut to the present with the humans, which are having struggles of their own. Truth be told, things are growing evermore tense as the days pass by. In fact, the threat of further conflict is on the horizon, growing more and more imminent by the day. The solution? Send Shun to the frontlines to fight as the capital-h Hero, despite him still being a student. After all, there's no one better to send to the front than an actual Hero, especially now that Julius is dead.

Thus, the humans seek the advice and aid of the Elves, who helpfully warn them and urge the humans to act with full awareness. Potimas carefully says that the Demon Lord is quite formidable, and will need to be carefully dealt with. This warning also extends to the church, who Potimas makes clear not to trust. Ultimately it's clear that whatever happens in this cour, the humans will need to act wisely to avoid further fallout at the hands of the Demon Lord. Things get left with no real resolution and a few tasty cliffhangers, all of which seem like good fodder for next week's episode.

So I'm a Spider, So What? Continues to be a really fun series to watch. Kumoko remains my favorite arachnid in all of anime. Coupled with Yuki Aoi's stellar voice acting, Kumoko is honestly one fo the best isekai leads I've seen in a long, long time. She's genuinely funny, utterly relatable, and still offers a pretty unique P.O.V. into this fantastical world. I just hope that she remains best spider girl as the story gets more plotty and gritty going ahead.

I'd say that episode 13 is a bit less serious than the season ender, despite the grim news of the Demon Lord and Kuroko's on-going rebellion against her Mother. Kumoko's a lot more light-hearted despite a sizable fight in the back half of the episode. That being said, it's becoming quite clear that there's fresh danger on the horizon.

I sense that Kumoko will need to be quite strong herself if she's ever going to have an easier time in this world. Still, she's already grown so much since the first half of season 1. If she's able to upgrade to a humanoid form, I imagine she'll get even more formidable, and might be a threat. Whether that's going to be for better or for worse is still kind of up in the air, though I'm leaning towards her actually being a serious threat somewhere down the line.

As an anime-only viewer, I'm really looking forward to seeing where Kumoko's story goes, as well as the reincarnated students. I'd say expect some pretty dramatic twists and turns now that she's free to roam the rest of the world, especially with our new, comedically intense, pop-rock ED. And even though the CG hasn't grown on me quite yet, I found myself looking forward to more fight scenes with Kumoko, just to hear her witticisms and see her grow. I'm definitely eager to see what her potential humanoid form might look like, if she ever gets enough food in her belly to be able to focus on transforming. Consider me invested in Kumoko's on-going adventures!


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