Steam Prison Fin Route — On Sale Now!

1 month ago 44

The Steam Prison Fin Route is now available on! Steam customers can get their copy later today!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out and follow the official English HuneX Twitter account!

Enjoy a route with Cyrus’ kind, devoted coworker, Fin Euclase, in this expansion to Steam Prison!

This DLC adds a brand-new story, which substantially changes the path Cyrus takes. You can also enjoy after stories for all the main characters and bonus short stories!

(The after stories and bonus short stories will unlock after cleaning Fin’s route)

Features & Specs

Developer: HuneXRating: All-Ages (17+)Voice: Full (except MC)OS: Windows, Mac, and LinuxGenre: Otome, FantasyResolution: 1280×720
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