Talentless Nana Release Schedule, Munou no Nana Episode 1-12 Release Date

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Talentless Nana is one of the most anticipated anime to air this fall, both in Japan and in the west. Both casual watchers and hardcore seasonal fans are looking forward to this psychological action-thriller.

The show’s premise is sort of mix between My Hero Academia and Future Dairy making it more interesting than ever before.

The episode 1 will officially premiere in October 4, 2020 at 9:30 pm on local networks AT-X, MX, Sun TV and TV Aichi. The anime series will run for a total of 13 episodes starting from October 4 to December 27, 2020.

Now with so many big titles such as Haikyuu!!: To The Top Cour 2, Jujutsu Kaisen, The Day I Became a God all airing together it is easy to overlook an unpopular and super niched anime like Talentless Nana and lost track of its episodes.

That’s why we have created this Talentless Nana episode release schedule to help you keep up with the release of each new episodes and ways to watch it.

Talentless Nana Episode Release Schedule

List of EpisodesRelease Date
Episode 1October 4, 2020
Episode 2October 11, 2020
Episode 3 October 18, 2020
Episode 4October 25, 2020
Episode 5November 1, 2020
Episode 6November 8, 2020
Episode 7 November 15, 2020
Episode 8November 22, 2020
Episode 9November 29, 2020
Episode 10December 6, 2020
Episode 11December 13, 2020
Episode 12 December 20, 2020
Episode 13December 27, 2020

Where to Watch Online?

Talentless Nana is available to stream on Funimation and Animelab in North America and Australia respectively. Also Muse Asia is uploading the new episodes on YouTube for free.

Plot of the Anime

The story takes place in near future where, Earth is assaulted by monsters that would come to be known as “the Enemy of Humanity.” In order to deal with this threat, special schools composed of teenagers with extraordinary abilities are formed. These people, who came to be known as “the Talented,” have abilities that could defy the rules of reality.

Among these people with supernatural powers is an outcast, an individual who was sent to one of these schools despite having no innate special abilities whatsoever. This is the story of Nana Hiiragi, who attempts to defeat the Enemies of Humanity through the use of intelligence and manipulation alone.

About Talentless Nana (Munou no Nana)

Talentless Nana ( or known as ‘Munou no Nana’ in Japanese) is Japanese manga written by Looseboy and drawn by Iori Furuya in Square Enix’s Monthly Shounen Gangan since 2016. As of writing, six compiled volumes have been published. Crunchyroll is digitally publishing the manga in English.

Well that’s all we have on Talentless Nana for now. Meanwhile why don’t you check out our articles on Black Clover chapter 267 Release Date and Haikyuu!! Season 4 Cour 2 Release Schedule.

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