The Berserker Of The Sky Islands!

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Wyper encounters Shura, who managed to defeat Ganfor the previous day. Wyper managed to avoid all of his Strings and charged at him head on, and he took a hit purposefully so that he would get him at close range and then he finished him off with the Reject Dial. A Very Reckless move. He took Damage from Shura’s attack and also his Arm was injured as he used a Reject Dial.

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Wyper then fought Luffy. It was an Even fight. And at the End, Wyper managed to Land a Burn Bazooka hit on Luffy and Luffy was bleeding a Lot from that attack. It shows how Powerful the Burn Bazooka is. Wyper also got hit by Luffy’s Gum Gum Bazooka and he was able to withstand it despite his earlier injuries.

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Later on, Zoro clashed with Wyper and Zoro stated that Wyper is Stronger than he thought.

As Enel was Fighting Zoro, Wyper comes in and Attacks Enel with the Reject Dial. Wyper’s Shooter has Sea Stone in it and hence he could hurt Enel. This again shows how Strong a Reject Dial is and it hurts Wyper as well. Wyper’s Arm was heavily damaged after using Reject Dial twice.

After seeing Enel restart his Heart, Wyper was broken but he still stood up and fought Enel but was no match for him. He took a Direct Hit from Enel’s Thunderbird Attack. He was already damaged heavily before this, so he was down after taking that hit. But then he was still able to stand back up.

But Enel lands an El Thor. And this Time, Wyper is Knocked Out. This El Thor from Enel was So Strong that, the Wind Force generated from the Attack sent Zoro and Ganfor flying, and this Attack landed straight on Wyper.

It also made a Huge Hole in the Ground where Wyper was standing. And Later, Aisa found Wyper inside that Hole.

Later on, Inorder to Help Luffy, Wyper used the Reject Dial for the 3rd Time to Destroy the Giant Jack Tree. This Destroyed his Body as well, and he was lying on the Ground, unable to move. Chopper also stated that His Bones has been smashed.

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In Skypiea, from the Final Battle started to Both Zoro and Wyper getting Zapped by Enel, Wyper had received more Attacks than Zoro before he got Knocked Out. His Endurance is Atleast on Par with Skypiea Zoro.

After effects of using Reject Dial 3 Times. Wyper completely broke his arm. All in all, Wyper is a Warrior. He is Fast and has very Good Reflexes. Burn Bazooka gives a Strong Long Range Attack and Reject Dial gives a Deadly and Dangerous Close Range Attack. His Endurance is Also Very Good. Overall, A Very Powerful Combatant.

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