The Daily Lives of High School Boys Volume 2 Review

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The Daily Lives of High School Boys Volume 2

So, what inane, er, ordinary antics can these high school boys and girls get into in this volume? Would one high school boy being afraid to tell a girl he sees daily on the train she has hair growing out her mole count? One high school boy remembering the game he played with his sister that involves spinning him around the riverbank? Three high school girls learning potentially bad lessons from another high school girl who comes close to upping the age-rating for this manga? All in all, you can count on more real silly things to happen once again in this manga!

Just know it’s not quite as funny as volume 1.

While there are other individual stories in volume 2, this one has an “arc”. Well, it’s all really short pages still, but there are four chapters devoted to the school’s cultural festival. We’re introduced to Ringo and the student council members of Sanada East All-Girls High School, who venture to Sanada North All-Boys High School to meet the student council there. This arc revolves around the girls — especially Ringo — wanting to prove something, Ikushima and Yoshitake having a grand time manning the info desk (and ending with Ikushima learning something new at the end), and a massive, big-time brawl between both school council presidents that…doesn’t actually change the respectability of either school so what’s the meaning of all this?!?

All seriousness, other than that, you’ll get individual stories involving the various high school boys (or possibly not actual high school boys, just look-a-likes that Tadakuni can’t distinguish for whatever reason) or girls and their friends, which means these skits will either work or they won’t. This volume for the most part didn’t work for me. We got high school boy getting held down as his sister’s friends shave his beard (offscreen, but they show the lead up to it), Tadakuni wallowing as he ponders if he’s really friends with Hidenori and Yoshitake, and whoever the mysterious boy Hidenori met growing up. Simply put, they’re not all that remarkable or funny.

The skit with Hidenori and literature girl continues to be amazing though.

Outside of that, one part where Yanagin mysteriously brings out a wrench in her tiff with Ikushima, and the Sanada North Student Council almost begging Ringo to play dumb so they can get the real protagonist™ (some random dude) to not assume they were troubling her out in public, this was just an ok volume of Daily Lives of High School Boys. Will have to see if things change in Volume 3.

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