The Dream Rooms In The Dream Ship!

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Welcome back to the tavern where we try and bring you the best content available online. and I’m here today to speak of dreams more specifically the Dream Ship the Thousand Sunny.

Everyone has their own taste things they like and things they need to be happy. Even in a fictional story like one piece this concept is still the same.

Oda knows better than any of us what the dreams of the crew actually are. But that just makes me think, what rooms really make the Thousand Sunny a Dream Ship?

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Well I want to look at this like a pirate and like I know the crew at least a little. I mean I have been sailing with the strawhats on this grand journey since 2004. So what is it this rowdy group of degenerates needs to complete their dreams?

I am not sure I can capture exactly what this dream ship has but I certainly will try my best.

The crew is so diverse in interests it’s hard to say one room is better than the other so I won’t go that far but I will say some people need more space than others and this allows for the dream to start taking form.

Usopp having his own factory is extremely important to me and I would hope Usopp as well. Up until Franky joined the crew Usopp took on several roles in the crew namely he took on the role of shipwright. While not the best he proved his ability to tinker and his love for the Going Merry. Usopp used much of his time creating different useful weapons for himself and Nami, but this was all done without the proper space for it.

When Usopp was able to get his space he instantly started to upgrade weapons. At heart Usopp truly loves to build and this alone I think is why it’s so important for a dream ship because a ship that won’t allow the crew to be themselves is no Dream I’d want.

Since I just brought up Nami I think it is also important to bring up the garden area. The area that usopp is finding more use for but the area even the Going Merry had. That just goes to show how truly important it is. Without a garden Nami would never have been able to take her mother out to sea with her. The garden area allowed for the crew to remember hard times while also allowing for them to move forward as plants grow. These tangerine trees mean so much to the crew I would never sail without them as we saw Nami saving them when the merry was on her last leg.

Not to mention the fruits serve another purpose. They prevent scurvy! and as seafarers we know how important it is to curve the scurv. That’s why next I have the Kitchen! No dream ship can be complete without a dream kitchen. A kitchen large enough to house the whole crew for some well needed food. This room may even be the most important to the captain as we all know exactly how much he eats.

The man who makes the Kitchen such a dream is none other than Sanji the Dream Chef. A man with unrivaled abilities in the kitchen. The dreams he holds dear to his heart should be the dreams we hold dear to ours as well. And this is exactly why I want to bring up the Aquarium Bar.

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We don’t actually know if the All Blue is even a real place but we do know many places in the grand line have fish from multiple of the different oceans. And as a chef unrivaled amongst all of the seas his dream should be one he can take with him. So a miniature all blue an aquarium where Sanji can keep fish from all different oceans so he can cook any dish in his dreams should always be ready for him.

I can’t bring up Sanji without bringing up Zoro so next I have the gym!

I’m kidding only partially, while I think the peak is special to Zoro as he can be found working. out in it at any point through the day it’s more important to what needs to be on a ship. The peak, the lookout, the nest where a crew member can find land. One of the most exciting parts about the adventure while sailing in paradise is what island will be next, what new adventure awaits us on this grand journey.

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Finally I want to speak about the nightmare ship. Thriller bark was showing us the nightmare that awaits us upon sailing to the new world. This nightmare had trees growing on its deck with corpses buried as well. So I ask what is the opposite of this? What could make the deck of the Thousand Sunny truly a dream. Well two things first the fruit trees and garden that allows for dreams and healthy meals and, the grass. A deck with it’s own lawn!? This could only truly be possible on the Dreams ship.

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But the dream ship can never truly become the dream ship until it finishes it’s journey around the grand line. This is exactly why Franky should be happy with his Dream Ship and why everyone wanted him so badly to sail with it!

Thank you for stopping by for another post I appreciate the support please like share or comment. Do your part to help this blog become the dream blog for both you the reader and us the authors.

Remember a man’s dream never ends!!!

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