The Ever-Ending Story: Notaku Podcast #5

3 weeks ago 8

Just listened to it… SOOOOO Psyched about Made in Abyss! 😀

Great podcast! I’m not familiar with your co-host but I’ll look him up… In the meantime, since you guys want questions, here’s one 🙂

Do you guys have jobs related to anime or writing at all? How do you manage your time in order to put out consistent high quality content like that? I’m sure it depends on what you’re writing about, but on average, how long would you say it takes to write an article on your blog?

If those questions are off limit, no worries… I’d also like to know what was the “turning point” for you guys… For me, growing up in the late 80s, I always thought anime’s animation was too low quality for me… Until I saw Last Exile and realized how wrong I’d been. Any similar experiences or was it more of a gradual thing for you?


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