The God Of High School Episode 11: Everything You Need To Know

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The previous episode of The God Of High School just doped and finally, the show is getting close to the real stuff which every Manhwa fan has been waiting for. In this article, we will take a look at everything you need The God Of High School Episode 11 which will be coming out very soon. Those who haven’t watched the previous episode should skip directly to the release date as the post will contain some spoilers from episode 10.

Now let’s begin with everything you need to know about The God Of High School Episode 11 like release date, spoilers, preview, and English dub details.

The God Of High School Episode 11 Release Date & Time

The 11th episode of ‘The God of High School’ is scheduled to release on September 14, 2020. Moreover, the anime will run from July to September. With that being said, we also have a post with the release schedule of the anime, do check it out.

8 AM PDT, September 1411 AM EDT, September 143 PM UTC, September 144 PM BST, September 145 PM CEST, September 141 AM AEST, September 15

Countdown For Episode 11

As I mentioned before The God Of High School Episode 11 will be coming out on 14th September. So, I have added a countdown for 14th September as well so that it will help you with the exact date and time of the release.

God Of High School Episode 11

Quick Recap Of Episode 10

Ilpyo recollects how Taek crushed his partner, Seungyeong, finishing her hand to hand fighting profession. Presently he is resolved to get Seungyeong medical procedure to fix her leg. Mujin educates Mori and his companions that NOX loves a solitary God and plan to kill every other God and Charyeok clients. Long is uncovered to be alive, until Taek shows up, having gotten all the data he required from Long. He at that point kills Long, announcing he will guarantee the Key. Mujin discloses to Mori he is too feeble to even consider helping Taejin, however, on the off chance that he wins the competition, he will give him some important data.

Daewi wins his semi-last match against Ilpyo’s colleague Park Seungah. Seungyeong admonishes Ilpyo for agonizing over her when he ought to keep a guarantee he made to Taejin. Mujin defies Sang Mandeok, a high positioning NOX cultist, who penetrated the field, just for Mandeok to call his God. Mori battles against Ilpyo, who calls attention to all his shortcomings, just for Mori to start beating his shortcomings by duplicating the battling styles of both Mira and Daewi.

One of The Six, Seo Hallyang, assaults God with his 108 National Treasure weapons to secure the field. After an extensive fight, God is crushed and the field spared. Then Mori massacres Ilpyo, who recollects the guarantee he made to Taejin that he would enable Mori to develop as a fighter on the off chance that he ever gotten the opportunity. Ilpyo unexpectedly gets divine motivation from his Charyeok, Nine-Tails Guardian, and stirs another force. Mandeok joyfully proclaims the Key has at long last awoken.

Preview And Spoilers For GOH Episode 11

Where Can To Watch The God Of High School Episode 11 Online?

Crunchyroll is exclusively streaming the anime as one of its originals. Moreover, there are many unofficial websites that are streaming the anime illegally you can easily find them on google. However, I advise you to watch anime through official sources so that it can benefit the creators and also the anime community as a whole.

When English Dub Of The Anime Will Come Out?

Crunchyroll has officially confirmed that the anime will be getting an English dub version. However, the exact date has not been revealed but mostly within one week, we might see an English dub.

The God Of High School Season 2

As of now there is no official news about the god of high school season 2. But it is definite that the season 2 will happen, we will soon write a dedicated article on that. And also inform you as soon as the season 2 is announced.

Plot Of The God Of High School

The anime will be adapting the same story as the Manhwa. The protagonist Jin Mori is invited to a Martial Arts tournament called “The God Of High School” organized by a secret corporation. They conducted a tournament on the regional level and then on the national level inviting high school students from all over the country. Their goal was to find the top 3 contest ent for the international tournament and the contestant how wins the tournament will get his wish granted by the organization, no questions asked.

Jin Mori fights through different levels and with contestants having a distinct fighting style. Not only martial arts, but contestants also fight using something called borrowed power which is a power granted to a person by Gods, Demons, and other mythical creatures. He also befriended Swordswomen called Yoo Mira and Full-Contact Karate expert called Han Daewi after there fight during the tournament.

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