Son of The Former Pirate King, The physical Toughness alone of Portgas D. Ace was Inhuman. He Dueled “Boss” Jinbei for Five Days straight & moments later he was back to his feet to Challenge Whitebeard in order to protect his Crew!

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After being knocked unconscious, Ace had awoken the next day & attempted to Kill Whitebeard in his Sleep. This trend of Assasination attempts had continued for 100 Days!

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Ace Refused to Submit & wouldn’t give his body time to recover which prompted 1st Division Leader Marco into warning him that if he were to continue he’d likely Die.

His Offensive Mastery Of The Mera Mera has to be devastating. As I’ve mentioned in the past, Sabo being a complete amateur was able to display high levels of Power with the Logia abilities.

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