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Magu Magu no mi is a Logia Type Devil Fruit and it was eaten by the Current Fleet Admiral Akainu Sakazuki. He can Control, Create and Transform into Magma at Will. With this Devil Fruit, Sakazuki possess the Highest Offensive Power among Devil Fruit Users. Since it allows the user to turn into Magma, it is Superior to Mera Mera no mi. All of Sakazuki’s Abilities deals Damages in Mainly 2 ways, Due to the Force and Due to the Heat of the Attack.

Major Techniques :-

Great Eruption / Dai Funka :

This is Sakazuki’s Trademark Attack. He makes a Giant Fist with his Magma and attacks with it. This is Similar to Ace’s Fire Fist. With this Attack, Sakazuki was able to Clash with Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no mi Punch. Sakazuki can also control the Size of his Dai Funka. It was able to Vapouize a Giant Piece of Ice that Jozu threw, in an Instant.

Meteor Volcano / Ryusai Kazen :

It is like a Large Scale version of Dai Funka with Multiple Fists. Sakazuki shoots Magma into the Sky and it falls down in the shape of Fists. A Rain of Magma Fists. This caused a Large Scale destruction in the Marineford Bay which was Iced. This Attack is more useful when fighting against an Army than in a 1v1 Battle. This Attack took down Whitebeard’s Flagship, the Moby Dick.

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Hound Blaze / Inugami Guren :

Sakazuki Creates a Wave of Magma, shaped like a Dog’s Head with Fangs, and Launches it against his Opponent. He used this Against Whitebeard

Hellhound / Meigo :

Hellhound is Probably Sakazuki’s Strongest Attack we have seen so far. With this Attack, Sakazuki was able blow away Part of Whitebeard’s Face. It’s a Claw based Attack. His Hands are in the Shape of a Claw and the Heat and Force of this Attack seems to be in a Whole other Level. It looks like a Condensed and more Focused Magma.