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The Netflix One Piece Adaptation is becoming more positively anticipated after the recent reverie stream of the biggest One Piece Youtubers Series Discussion. The Reverie had a top tier guest feature from a head writer of the One Piece Live adaptation! he spoke of his interview with Oda & gave his opinions of his favorite characters. (Check out the reverie Below)

I have never cared for anime Live Adaptations personally & will forever be scarred from the atrocious Dragonball Adaptation. however the Writer has a pretty deep connection to the One Piece series & i have some newfound hope.

How To Watch

This Live Adaption will be a Netflix Original so you’d likely need to have a VPN if you’re not within the United States, to watch this series. Use our PUREVPN link to gain access to Netflix & other streaming apps/sites. Has a Free Trial Included

Watch The Youtuber Reverie