The New Worlds Former Superpower-The Shichibukai

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I never thought I would see the day but after luffy either beat them or they joined him, the Shichibukai are no longer threatening villains to focus on. They now play a different & unique role, so I want to take this time to just point out who all have been Shichibukai at one point or another.

The Marines, The Shichibukai, and The Yonko were the power systems balancing the forces of good and evil. Without one the world would dive into chaos as mentioned in post Ennies Lobby. But by that point in the story the small crew already upset that balance by taking out one of the Shichibukai. The story goes deeper as the strawhats cause even more damage to this balance of power and we are finally at that point in the story where the system of Shichibukai has been completely replaced!

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Crocodile was the first Shichibukai brought into the story a fearsome man that held the rain back of an entire country for multiple years. This man was one step away from becoming the rightful ruler of the Alabasta Kingdom with Deep ties to the Underworld, and a wish to acquire the Ancient weapons.

Moria is the second Shichibukai defeated by our main protagonists through a hard team battle. But his role wasn’t simply to be defeated as he is still playing a part in the story. Not to mention all the foreshadowing his arc actually brought to the story.


Kuma has unlike most characters I’ll speak about today has yet to receive much attention. He doesn’t even have his own arc! Yet his massive role in the story is never spoken down about. Kuma is extremely important to the story and may only become more so as the Strawhats adventure progresses. So keep an eye out for this one.

Boa is possibly the first Shichibukai to directly oppose the Navy to aid Luffy and crew. This isn’t to say she is weak but more so to say that she has a massive role to play. Her backstory tying in another one on this list and much of the story from that point fishman island and beyond.

Now that I brought up fishman island I can comfortably bring up Jinbei. arguably the strongest none swordsman to have the title of Shichibukai this man now is an official member of the Strawhat Pirates. He’s put his life on the line multiple times now to save Luffy and I don’t think he is done putting his life on the line. Jinbei has many more adventures for us to enjoy and I can’t wait to see how exactly Jinbei will interact with the rest of the crew on their day to day journey.

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The Shichibukai DonQuixote Doflamingo is beloved by many in the community. I am no fool as to insult this man who has strings spanning even into our world with his fans. He very well might be the strongest of the none swordsman. I have to take this spot away from Jinbei after how hard a fight Luffy had against him even with all the help! This was a win or die trying moment for Luffy. Doflamingo the man who was able to get even the Worlds News paper to do his bidding. This man is deserving of respect and a luxurious time down in impel down.

A man who needs no introduction although I will definitely give him one. The clairvoyant, Hawk Eye, The World’s Strongest Swordsman Dracule Mihawk! The only known man in current times to have forged a Black Blade. Mihawk is afraid of absolutely nothing! This man walked deep into a Yonko’s crew without a shred of hesitation. A man on such a high pedestal that he even tested the World’s strongest man during the Paramount war. Mihawk is the goal of Zoro the Pinnacle of swordsmanship. This man even sails the grand line in a coffin hoping someone can lay him to rest. He is without a doubt the strongest Shichibukai to ever Don the title.

But now it is time to speak of the second generation Shichibukai or better yet who replaced who when they were defeated.

The first person to gain the title of Shichibukai during the actual main story, the man who Killed the world’s strongest man, a man who was able to defeat a Yonko crew and gather all the territory. Blackbeard truly is a terrifying person and the only true rival to our main protagonist Luffy. No other rival” has ever clashed with Luffy as Blackbeard has multiple points in the story these two are put on the same level. This even happens during the Punk Hazard arc, deep into Blackbeards run as a Yonko. I wonder if this also means that Blackbeard will be the first to gain the title of Pirate King during the main story line.


Who knows, but what I do know is after the Marineford war multiple spots as Shichibukai were available and a man who previously sailed on the Pirate King’s crew took one of those slots. Buggy D Clown, he is always a fan favorite and he may still gain an even bigger role later in the story when we get to shanks arc so this is definitely another man to keep your eyes on.

Law currently working under Strawhat Luffy, (read how the samurai treat him during the raid build up). Law has been with the crew since they made their way to Punk Hazard. He’s been shown time and time again how important he is, being a D, knowing doflamingo, Law is showing more and more the massive role he is to play I just don’t know if he is going to sacrifice himself for Luffy or not…

There is one more antagonistic force amongst the new Shichibukai I have to bring up. His name is evil!

Sorry I was told, ugh I messed it up. His name is actually Weevil, this villainous man so dark and intense! Ok I’m kidding but the big thing that makes him such a serious threat is his potential lineage. The blood of the Strongest Man Whitebeard. With all this strength at his disposal Weevil may prove to be a very large threat who could possibly even come to Wano depending on which way the wind blows. But his ties to Marco and the little devil on his shoulder only solidifies this man as a threat. it is no wonder how he gained the title.

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With this all Shichibukai are present and accounted for, sadly they need to be disbanded! It’s for the better I think we all can agree no pirate needs the legal backing of the Navy!

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