Twilights Cavern

These three pages tell a story about two of the red scabbards. A story of admiration and inherited will. This may even be the foreshadowing of the death of these two. True or not I believe that even more so the fact that they say the capital tilted that day from a hesitant step to Follow oden. This will mean something more so to the Samurai of Wano.

Their journey begins with them running towards us.

The absolute significants of this is beyond me. Beautiful work there. But these two both symbolize two separate ideals or paths forward for the will of oden.

One being Kinnemon plucked from the past and given new opportunity to aid Oden and too push his will forward. While Kinnemon fought hard he felt true despair falling to the absolute bottom after winding up at Punk Hazard. All alone and chopped up without hope he had nothing left but the will to fullfil Odens dream.

The other who replicated Oden by stifling his rage and waiting. A face deformed through the true fury he felt. For 20 years he held his rage suffering and working diligently until the moment he could release the built up emotion.


One was allowed to guard over Momonosuke while the other guarded over Hyori. The two children of Kozuki Oden. One welding absolute despair, and one welding absolute fury. A perfect balance of two emotions felt by Oden in his defeat against Kaido.

Their journey may end walking away.

Oden’s two sword style is back, the Ame No Denjiro and the Kinma are here to take the life of kaido. This page here shows the direction of Odens two blades at the life of Kaido. Kaido understands this as well he understands Odens will and sees the blades of Oden coming for him. This truly signifies the beginning of The Raid. see.

Will this truly end just as the last time Oden challenged Kaido? Are Oden’s blades still sharp enough to cut Kaido even after 20 years? Or will these blades break under the pressure? I hope to find these answers in the chapters to come, I hope you are all there to read it with me. Please share this up tag whoever y’all think should.

This doesn’t touch on Momo’s speech, I want to save that for after we see the full effects Momo had on this war. Thank you for the read like comment and be sure to be ready for all the new and interesting content we push out.

Remember a man’s dream never ends!!

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