TheOASG Podcast Episode 109: The Domesday Duplicator is a Thing AND Conan is Making a Comeback?!

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The OASG Podcast

Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen discuss what they’ve been up to over the past two weeks, which may or may not include Justin tackling a light novel and a manga that are essentially the same. Meanwhile Helen has been watching After the Rain.

Pandemic News

9:00: While not at the same volume since spring, there are still plenty of COVID-19 concerns that are affecting events and productions in Japan now, and that has caught up with To Your Eternity, which is now going from Fall to a Spring 2021 release.


11:43: Horimiya finally is getting an anime, which pleases Helen a bit. Meanwhile, The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent is getting an anime, which continues a theme of Seven Seas picking up a few more licenses before they are announced as anime.

15:32: While they’ve been teasing this since the summer, it’s now official: Funimation and VIZ are partners.

17:04: Justin can only shout out the 3DS for its longevity as Nintendo announced they are discontinuing production of the system.


19:10: Discotek had…ANNOUNCEMENTS. A few didn’t even get announced during their Twitch event, it was before it. So here’s what they announced:

Lupin III: Twilight GeminiBig OrderHanasakeru Seishōnen

Then here’s the announcements at their event, and Helen actually watched all two hours of it. Yes, all two hours, and she mentions during it they even had to email media and tell them to hold off on breaking embargo, they were running so long!

The Rose of Versailles, which will be a BD HD RemasterThe 2000 Hajime no Ippo anime, which Helen noted one of the hosts said “Mr. Discotek has spent years working on this license!”The Legend of Black Heaven, first ever release on BD in the worldThe Battle Athletes OVA and Battle Athletes Victory seriesLupin III: Tokyo Crisis & license rescued Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko MineGenocyberNinja Senshi Tobikage, a.k.a, Ninja Robots; no date for this yet as they’re trying to track down the rest of the dub for thisSubmarine Super 99Symphogear GDevilman LadyKONOSUBA – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! Season 221st Case Closed film, The Crimson Love LetterProject A-Ko, where Helen explains, and Justin saw after Googling, just what in the world is the Domesday Duplicator, and why it had to be used for Project A-Ko)

Helen starts wondering if Japanese anime fans just start importing Discotek releases at this point due to the lengths they go to for their releases.

Discotek also provided updates on titles they have the rights to:

Gin Rei OVA planned for late 2020-early 2021s-CRY-ed for Spring 2021The Urusei Yatsura films for Summer 2021They found acceptable masters for Medabots S3 dub!Still continuing their search for Mon Colle Knights dub masters

30:08: A few more Netflix anime are going to home video! Funimation will be releasing Violet Evergarden while Sentai will be releasing 7SEEDS. This does lead to both of the hosts saying the words “Seven Seas release the 7SEEDS!”

33:12: Media Blasters appears to be working on some stuff, as they’re putting Shrine of the Morning Mist on BD and might have some more announcements up in store.

34:02: More new Kodansha digital titles, all coming in October:

Ruri Kamino’s Four Kisses, in SecretUi Hanamiya’s Practice Makes PerfectKana Nakatsuki’s The Writer and His HousekeeperFuyu Kumaoya’s When We’re in Love

They also confirmed to TheOASG that they have a digital date for Akiko Higashimura’s Tokyo Tarareba Girls Returns. Finally, since this was announced last year.

36:42: Lezhin Comics is now releasing Minatsuki & As Futatsuya’s My Roommate Is a Cat.

37:14: Yen Press will be releasing HIROKU’s New Japan Academy wrestling manga digitally this October.

38:34: Because light novel names can be interchangeable sometimes, Helen ended up thinking A Tale of the Secret Saint was already licensed…it was not. (Probably due to talking about the other Saint LN in this episode) But yes, Seven Seas did license the light novel and manga of it.

39:53: During #Smallpubmanga, an event on Twitter, Star Fruit Books, Glacier Bay Books and Irodori Aqua had announcements:

Keshi Kuraibe’s Vasilisa! The Wise Princess and Other Classic Folktales (looks real intriguing) & Yoko Miyako’s one-shot Look Into My Eyes (slated for November 20) for Star Fruit BooksAyumu Arisaka’s En chan serialization (on its website and possibly other platforms) and a second issue of Glaeolia 2, which is planned to happen before the year’s over from Glacier Bay BooksIsaki Uta’s Mermaid in the Bottle, Yoimachi Meme’s Riverbed Projector 2: Night of the Lantern Fair, Kuroba Dam’s I Became Friends with a Delinquent Girl, Tomokichi’s The Horny Elf and the Gentleman Orc, Souryu’s Transferred to the Gyaru Academy doujinshi from Irodori Aqua
Streaming News

42:23: Funimation has added some more Aniplex streaming titles to their service:

SaekanoAsterisk WarMekakucity ActorsPlastic MemoriesVividred Operation

43:51: Case Closed is back on Crunchyroll! The first 42 episodes are now on the service. However, what’s interesting is it’s available officially in regions for the first time! Combine that with some recent Conan announcements and in the PR, the VP saying “…You’ll see whole lot more of Detective Conan as we have a master plan laid out for the great detective this year.”, could…Conan be making an international comeback?

Weird News

47:23: Well, anime wise it’s making a comeback, but phone game wise not so much. The smartphone runner game launched in June last year, and it’s now ending at the end of October.

48:38: What happens when you think typing Mob in Google is some sort of conspiracy since other search engines aren’t showing the character but actual mobs? You get a moment that somehow manages to upstage a Florida Congressmen calling Dragon Ball Z one of the top issues of “anime porn”.

51:44: A manga artist was accused by someone who claims to be working for an eye clinic of coming up with an implausible story regarding Low Vision. The manga artist, however, does have Low Vision.

54:00: Finally, once again someone’s trying to make another Mario film…and the hosts can once again raise concerns of its success. Or at least be more optimistic since Sonic did well.

If you have any questions about this episode or things you’d like us to answer regarding anime, manga, LN, etc, feel free to email us at contact at theoasg dot com, and we’ll answer them in the next episode!
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