TheOASG Podcast Episode 119: That Manga’s Not as Niche as You Thought

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Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen discuss what they’ve been up to over the past few weeks, which may or may not include a manga Justin reviewed or Helen talking about the newest Precure.

10:20: A magnitude 4.6 Earthquake occurred in the Wakayama prefecture in Japan, which ended up delaying Attack on Titan’s newest episode. (It has since been announced Ep 14 will be re-broadcasted, with Episode 15 to follow.) Both hosts quickly get into that before starting their next segment.

Pandemic news

11:39: There may or may not be some positive news, as people are taking the vaccines and such; meanwhile in Japan their state of emergency got extended to March 21, which was a factor in Comic Market 99 being postponed again;
A couple of conventions, ranging from Crunchyroll Expo to Anime Expo, will go virtual for a second straight year;


16:38: Justin and Helen talk about the latest “restructuring” of Kodansha in the US, which involves an update of their site, and officially ending Vertical as an imprint.

23:34: ICv2 had their annual manga week, who had a number of insights and interviews with the following:
Yen Press’ publisher & managing director Kurt Hassler
VIZ Media VP Publishing Sales Kevin Hamric

Some highlights:

A lot of companies likely saw a big growth increase due to the pandemic.If you’re wondering why a lot of stores seem to have a title out of stock, it’s because A) COVID-19 protocols B) Everyone is printing and reprinting and there’s only so many printers to go around.There’s no way Stu actually said the following for the AP — at least, Justin STILL can’t believe it — involving Demon Slayer:

“It has the same appeal that the best zombie shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ have to Americans,” he said, adding he tried to acquire the rights to “Demon Slayer,” but they went to a competitor.

Also Stu might’ve made two good points but managed to hurt himself with his comments on the state of the manga market.Box sets, as tough as they probably are to make, really is something for people to get, as VIZ’s VP says they had to reprint all of their box sets.

39:47: Discotek announcements weren’t much, but were significant in many ways:

Dear BrotherSgt. FrogKashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~Nyanbo!Magical Girl OreKekkaishi (Just the streaming rights!)Mitchiri Neko42:17: However, both Justin and Helen had to marvel at the wildest story involving Project A-Ko and Robert Woodhead of AnimEgo, and how that anime will now be released in the best quality possible.

46:14: SQENIX Manga and Books licensed Shinkoshoto, PONJEA, & Huuka Kazabana’s My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World!; Denpa licensed Uroaki Sabishi and Takayuki Yanase’s Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack Beltorchika’s Children manga, and Chica Umino’s March comes in like a lion (which was announced in…get it…March!)

51:08: Cross Infinite World will release digitally May 31 and in print later Yamori Mitikusa’s Romance of the Imperial Capital Kotogami: A Tale of Living Alongside Spirits; futekiya did their licensing binge, but one of them was the legendary Coolmic title The Titan’s Bride; Manga Planet has licensed Nanaoku Hoshii & Akiko Morishima’s super light novel Girls’ Love of the Dead & the following 6 titles:

Ruka Kirato’s Sheets no Namima de Miru Yume mitainaReidi Ito’s Haruzakari -Gunjin-Sama ni Misomerarete-Shizu Minami’s Hageshiku Daite Ii desuka? ~Do Majime Danshi to Tsuyogari Arasa- ~Ryo Miyahama’s Gekiai Buzoku no Sex Language ~Dame Jungle de Icchau…!~Suzu Yuzuki’s Oboreru nara Ore ni Shiro ~Osananajimi wa Nikushoku Lifesaver~Niku’s Dakasete kudasai Futaba-san!
Streaming News

54:04: Shaman King and EDENS ZERO will go to Netflix, which Justin and Helen discuss how bad this is probably is for Kodansha US.

55:17: Sushi Police has been added to HIDIVE; Crunchyroll added six Urusei Yatsura films to its service: Only You, Beautiful Dreamer, Remember My Love, Lum The Forever, The Final Chapter, and Always My Darling; Saiyuki Reload Gunlock; Yes, No, or Maybe; s-CRY-ed and Fair, then Partly Piggy.

56:02: LeSean Thomas’ Yasuke will stream on Netflix April 29, which prompts Helen to recall a conversation she saw on Facebook when the anime initially was announced.

Weird News

57:17: Amazon is producing a Hellsing live-action, which Justin actually thinks could work!

58:08: Yokai Watch’s screenwriter ended up seeing the campaign by fans to get the series trending and even commented on it!

59:41: Baseball is somehow almost back! And baseball was a plot point in Jujutsu Kaisen, so it makes sense to do a collab of course!

1:01:53: Finally, Justin and Helen devote the rest of the podcast talking about Devil is a Part-Timer, which is somehow getting a Season 2…eight years later!

Feel free to send questions or any comments you might have about this week’s episode in the comments section below or to contact at theoasg dot com!
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