TheOASG Podcast Episode 125: That Time I Got Isekai’d Twice and Nobody Cared

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Show Notes

0:00: While Helen hasn’t been able to check out new things due to general busyness, Justin made time to read Fist of the North Star.

Pandemic News

6:31: More concerns about COVID-19 in Japan, which recently affected the release of Violet Evergarden, and it’s to the point where we have notable VAs recording safety messages. Godzilla vs. Kong did get a new date for it to be released in theaters.


8:57: Jujutsu Kaisen will be on hiatus for at least a month due to health concerns with Gege Akutami, and Helen and Justin discuss this news.

11:22: Funimation continues to expand their services to other countries, and AnimeLab has officially rebranded to Funimation for Australia/New Zealand.

12:55: Helen and Justin talk briefly about voice actress Haruka Nagashima, who passed away at 33 from an unspecified ailment on May 30.


13:31: Star Fruit Books licensed Hideshi Hino’s The City of Pigs; SuBLime announced at FujoCon they’ve licensed Natsuki Kizu’s Links and an Omegaverse title: Aya Sakyo’s Scattering His Virgin Bloom; and Paru Itagaki revealed on Twitter that her mini-series Bota Bota is going to get an overseas release in five languages, so that likely means it’ll get an English release.

18:30: Discotek had a Discotek Day that wasn’t as much compared to their past ones, but had some new licenses and release finalizations:

Shaman KingLupin the Third: Part 5Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare (for home video)Galaxy Cyclone BraigerThey will also release Super Dimension Century Orguss and Fatal Fury: The OVA Collection (includes the Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf and Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle)

20:56: Sentai Filmworks licensed Escha Chron and the Ane Log OVAs, with Escha Chron streaming on HIDIVE right now.

21:30: Kodansha REALLY just wants to put their titles on every digital service that exists (and the news that came out yesterday regarding a new digital service continues that trend, but the two hosts will talk about it next episode), and them adding more titles on Mangamo and InkyPen tells you they’re really committed to it.

Streaming News

24:49: Peacock now has added RetroCrush to its service, which is a perfect opportunity for Helen to once again lament that the Story of Saiunkoku is still not up on RetroCrush.

26:42: RetroCrush is also adding a couple anime this month:

Puppet Princess (June 4)Galaxy Angel and Galaxy Angel Z (June 4)Princess Knight (June 11)Kimba the White Lion (June 18)The 1960 version of Astro-Boy (June 25)

27:58: Crunchyroll added the prequel to Farewell, My Dear Cramer, First Touch, to its service; Aware! Meisaku-kun is now up on the service.

29:31: Funimation added the following titles to its service:

All of Yowamushi Pedal (Yowamushi Pedal S1, Grande Road, Re:RIDE, Re: ROAD, and Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie)BananyaBokuranoItaKissMagic Knight RayearthThe Pilot’s Love Song

30:36: Netflix will exclusively stream the Gundam Hathaway film July 1; EDENS ZERO August 26; and the new Shaman King August 9

Weird News

34:48: The Love Live! Superstar had to apologize for using the likeness of a café in their upcoming anime without properly notifying the owners of said café. Why? Because a number of disturbances occurred (slander online, invasion of privacy) that caused the café to issue a statement through their blog on what’s been happening.

37:52: CLAMP, who has a YouTube channel, started an Animal Crossing stream!

39:18: While thanks to the internet Justin has a rough idea of what happened to Eren in the final chapter of Attack on Titan, neither of the hosts knows what happened in the final chapter of AoT. With that said, to commemorate the final volume, Hajime Isayama took out a full-page ad for a local newspaper and drew Eren dying, then reincarnating in Japan, then getting hit by a truck immediately, and then is reincarnated into a video-game fantasy world.

Somehow, this has a title that immediately needs a shorthand: “That Time I Briefly Reincarnated Into Japan But Then Died and Got Reborn Into Another World Where Nobody Seemed to Care That Much About Me Until I Tried Transforming Into a Titan For a Bit and Now Suddenly Everyone’s Fussing Over Me in the Palm of My Hand.” Also contrary to the hosts’ initial thoughts, the title does actually fit into a tweet! Now saying anything aside from the title, on the other hand…

Feel free to send questions or any comments you might have about this week’s episode in the comments section below or to contact at theoasg dot com!
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