This Map of 165 Anime, Sorted By Prefectures In Japan Will Blow Your Mind!

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Anime, as we know, highlights Japanese culture. That includes, towns, cities, countryside’s and more fresh out of Japan.

A good example is Your Name other anime.

Someone on Reddit created a map to illustrate this.

An anime map sorted by Japanese prefectures

anime set in japan by map prefectures 1

This map highlights various anime shows, and where the visuals those anime shows were located.

Or the locations shown in each anime.


nagano and toyama anime shows by prefecture

Anime like:

Summer Wars Saki Please Teacher Ace Of The Diamond Waiting In Summer

All of these anime have references or highlights to Nagano in Japan.

On the other hand:

A.I.C.O Incarnation Kuromukuro Sakura Quest True Tears Wolf Children

These anime reference or highlight Toyama, a different prefecture in Japan.

Dozens of anime are all highlighted on this one map in a way that’s easy to digest.

There’s over 800+ comments on the thread with more anime mentioned by prefecture in Japan.

Source: Anime Chart On Reddit


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